Projet français-anglais 3e Euro LCE Davenport #m_m&i

21 Fév 2023 | Anglais, Disciplines, Français, Informations ponctuelles, Royaume Uni, Voyages pédagogiques

Dans le cadre de notre grand projet « Me, Myself & I » sur l’écriture auto-biographique et l’introspection les élèves de 3e Irouléguy & Napa (3e LCE Davenport) de M. Pappalardo, Mme Gomes et Mme Degalet  ont été amenés à travailler sur l’écriture de soi. Ci-contre, le programme de notre projet pour lequel le séjour en Angleterre constituera le point final (d’exclamation !). 
Les élèves ont échangé avec leurs correspondants britanniques et américains, leurs famille d’accueil britanniques, mais aussi leurs professeurs de français et d’anglais afin de maîtriser les codes de l’écriture de soi dans les deux langues et parfois les deux en même temps. Ils ont dû apprende à adapter leur niveau de langue en fonction de leur interlocuteur.
Voici leur auto-portrait physique et moral en anglais et avec interjections en français. Cliquez ici pour le travail des 3e Chablis

Hi guys !
Today I will introduce you to me and my complexes for Paps’s homework in English and French. Are you guys ready ?

To start, my name is Aubin and I am 14 years old. I am in Year 10 at Jean-Aviotte middle school. Mais tout ça, vous le savez déjà non ? Physically speaking, I’m not going to hide anything from you, I’m not the scariest kid you’ll ever meet. Je suis un gringalet. Indeed, I’m 1m58 – soon 1m60 🥳 hopefully – and I weigh 40kg. Only. You have to imagine there are people out there who lift three times my weight at the gym. I could work at a gym ! Lol But I’m a size 42. Pas proportionnel 🥲. My body type is a little complex of mine but despite it all, I feel good about myself. C’est l’essentiel n’est ce pas ?

I do believe my asset is that I dress well. J’adore les fringues. I wear a lot of different shoes that match my outfits all the time. C’est abusé. I dress with a lot of overzised clothes and brands like Volcom, Carhartt, Minus Two, Stussy or even Evisu. These are my go-to brands. Je m’habille avec des vêtements si larges que mes grands parents disent que je suis en sac poubelle. Lovely.

Anyways, I have light brown eyes and hair that changes color with each season : brown, red blond – bizarre, je sais. Now, let me tell you this. I’m crazy about my hair, I have shoulder length hair – coupe de skater. But every time I go to the hairdresser, they ruin my hair all the time. J’en ai pleuré toute la nuit.

Now let’s talk about my temper. I am very sociable, I make a lot of friends quickly but I also end things quickly. Hasta la vista. For me a recent friend can be worth more than a long-time friend. Time does not mean quality. But I have often been hurt. Aïe.

Family is very important to me, it is essential to see them often. It makes me very happy, for example I went skiing with them this past holiday. Les sangs.

This being said, I’m very excited and full of energy. I often make jokes and people don’t laugh… Je flop tout le temps. Cringe !

Besides, I always have to move otherwise I won’t feel good, that’s why I like sports so much. I hate sitting around ! I need action. That’s why, I play basketball to let off steam. My team and I are in the big leagues for our age, but I’m not the strongest on my team. J’ai déjà marqué contre mon camp… c’est dur. Loser much ? Otherwise, we get along very well and we have a good time together.

To finish I guess I could add I really like music, like rap with deep lyrics that make you think a lot. Not to everyone’s taste, I know, but I don’t care. We see the world differently. Listen to Nepal and Josman. Pas au goût de tout le monde.

Thanks for reading me. Congratulations to you !


Hi dear reader, Ambre there !

Well, we have a project with Paps that consists in talking about us. For this first part we have to present ourselves physically and morally. Are you guys ready? Here we go!

Obviously, my name is Ambre and I am 1,72 tall and I’m slim. I do a lot of sports so I’m quite muscular. I think it’s healthy to keep fit.
I have long brown and wavy hair but I smooth them out all the time because I can’t style them and I am not patient. The hairdresser laughs when I have to catch up on my nonsense. It’s a real nightmare sometimes.

I have an oval-shaped face, I have green brown eyes, I have a normal-sized nose and a beautiful mouth with braces though… but not for long time I hope ! The trauma us teens need to endure for a cute smile later !

My favorite features on my face are my eyes because I find them quite charming. But what I hate the most on my face is my acne… but it will eventually go away. Hopefully. On y croit !

Let’s move on to my body now. I’m quite tall so it’s not always easy to find your size. Sometimes the clothes I choose fit me at the waist but are too short in length. Mais bon tout ce qui est grand est charmant hehe ! All my childhood I was always the oldest so I was called by many nicknames, some hurt me but I learnt to live with them. Il y aura toujours quelqu’un pour critiquer. BE YOURSELF !

Then, I love to do my nails, I find that it refines the hands. I can spend hours doing my nails, I find it so satisfying. I really like to wear jewelry, it’s very pretty especially in summer with a beautiful tan it comes out so well. I love my body but not that much to be honest. I guess that’s why I do a lot of sport to try to accept myself. Indeed, I have very muscular legs because I play football, on the other hand my arms are less muscular, I do sports 3 times a week in winter the rest of the year, I do sports almost every day. I go for a run in the morning or evening for example. I have very muscular legs so I have big thighs and big calves. It has long been a complex of mine and still is today, so I never wear a skirt or a dress. Mais cela changera peut être avec les années ! Hope so !

I have big feet for a girl and many brands do not have cute shoes in my size I have to choose in the men section sometimes. DUH ! Being tall isn’t always so cool right ?

I guess now is time to talk about my temper right ? I define myself as mature (pas tout le temps j’avoue !) and independent, I never show how I feel because showing your weaknesses to someone is the best way to be fooled, some people have bad intentions. Trust me. I am very loyal, I would never let down someone I esteem, but once disappointed I do not give any more news. I give a lot without expecting in return, I am too nice sometimes but from experience I learnt to fight for myself, without the help of anyone. On n’est jamais mieux servie que par sois-même !

This being said, I am very generous and injustice disgusts me. I fight for my ideas and I say what I have on my mind all the time.
Ok, I guess I have to admit to being a little stubborn at times… but my relatives love me for that 🙂

Et voilà, vous en savez un peu plus sur moi.

This was Ambre, by Ambre, herself and she.


Dear reader !

Well, first things first I guess I must start with the obvious here. Let me present myself. My name is Pierre, I’m 14 years old, I’m pretty tall and I’m very skinny. You must be wondering why I’m starting off with my weight and my height, well that’s because it’s the first thing you see and my weight is a little complex of mine. On me compare souvent à un cure dent. Lovely. A nice confidence boost. 

Moving on my physical description, I am brown-haired and brown-eyed. I guess I’m a sporty boy indeed I‘ve been practicing football in a club for while now, but I also practice others sport like basketball or bike but not in a club, though. It’s for my personal growth. (Je suis multisport). Indeed I love to do all possible and unimaginable sports. 

This being said, let’s move on to my temper : I’m very smart (et très humble comme vous pouvez le constater ! Lol) I’m a joker : I love puns ! I have to say I like to use my wit to make people laugh and I think humour is the best weapon ever ! N’est ce pas ?
Don’t get me wrong though, I can be serious but I prefer to be childish (c’est plus marrant). I guess I’ll be serious when I’m a grown-up !

That’s all I have to say about my temper, though I’m sure my beloooooved teacher would like for me to go deeper, but I’m done 😉

About my fashion style… well I haven’t got any. I haven’t got a precise style (je suis simple). Indeed I simply wear jeans and plain t-shirt. I think my look is between the skater look and the average look.

Finally I will talk about my hobbies, though it was not mandatory. See, I can be zealous ! I’m keen on playing football and I love reading mangas. My favourite is actually One Piece (pas de débat possible !) I’m found of taking care of my little brother because he is so cute.

I hope you enjoyed it and you know more now, about me, myself… and I !


Dear reader !

Well, my English teacher asked us to describe ourselves physically, over the holidays. Moi qui pensais avoir des vacances paisibles… but I have to do it to get reasonable grades. So here we go !

Let me describe myself, I’m rather small, slim, sporty and agile. I often wear sweatpants because I find that jeans don’t suit me, unless I have PE, of course. Mais honnêtement, jeans are comfortable too but teenagers these days always wear sweatpants. I like to be different. Also, it usually costs less than oversized jeans that are fashionable nowadays. On en voit partout and to me, I find sweatpants are more better.

Now, I’m going to describe my face. I have small brown eyes, I have black hair, curly and short like my father. I have a wide nose comme au pays as my friends would say, I have thick lips that I take from my mother.

I think I’ve said everything about my appearance, so let’s move on to my temper. I am full of energy, spontaneous and pro-active. My friends say that I am shy from time to time which is true. Oh, and I guess I am a lazy (je m’y prends toujours au dernier moment… comme pour ce devoir, sorry Paps !) I would say that from time to time I am a good laugh, as I often make my friends laugh.

I think that’s all I have to say about myself.


Dear readers !

Well, I have this project I have to do both in French and in English.

For starters, I must introduce myself and talk about myself. This project is called « me, myself and I » Donc c’est parti !!

To begin, my name is Hugo, obviously. I have small brown bright eyes but they change colors according to the weather. C’est chelou ! Sometimes they are bleue or green, that’s incredible. But sometimes they are also brown… C’est horriblement moche !!

Next, I have short brown hair but I want to let it grow like Haaland the football player. No I’m jocking…although ? I don’t know how I will comb it when it is longer but I suppose like Haaland. Même si ma mère ne veut pas. She says it’s ugly !!! What does she know about style, am I right ?

Then, I have small lips and a small nose. On my overhead I am covered with pimples. I would like to make them disappear but I can’t. Indeed, I’ve tried everything and anything imaginable, but I failed. So I gave in and accept them now. But deep down, I hate spots because it’s ugly and I don’t like when I have a rash. Vive les boutons…

Let me tell you this, I don’t very like my body but I deal with it. C’est la vie ! I am 1m70 tall – which isn’t very tall to be honest. Especially because in my middle school some kids are 1m92 tall. So next to them I’m a real dwarf. Also, I have a problem with my back so my friends call me «le papi.» Sympa les potes n’est ce pas ?

Moving on my temper. I am sporty, I am fond of sports. I am friendly and good-tempered… même si Paps dis que je suis râleur because, well if I’m honnest, maybe sometimes I pout in class when our teachers give out a lot of homework or we have a surprise test. Mais, en-fait il a raison… lol

At school I am quite serious and hard-working because our exams are on the way at the end of the school year. C’est nul. Instead of this, we could, like, do anything else really. Like play videogames or go outside with our friends. But no ! We can’t ! Because we need to study ! Donc c’est pas drôle. 

To finish, moving on to my clothes. I don’t have any particular style and I don’t know how can I describe my clothes but I like them and I feel good when I wear them, so I guess that’s good enough, right ?


Dear all,

Well, before going any further, I think I must say my class mates and I must write this booklet called Me, Myself & I, to talk about ourselves. It’s part of our trip to the UK.

Well, first, my name is Lohane, I’m 14 years old. I’m 3° NAPA/DAVENPORT. Mais, ça vous le savez déjà non ?

Let me introduce myself : I have small bright brown eyes and a short nose – my nose is one of my complexes actually. Ok, so I guess I must explain myself otherwise Paps is going to go ballistic on me « mais c’est une description de 6e ça ! Détaille ! »

Moving on ! I have long curly auburn hair. C’est d’ailleurs un de mes atouts. My hair isn’t in very good condition though, because of straightening it and all. I often straighten it on special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s eve. Pas grave ils vont revenir à la normale… At least I hope so ! Cringe !

About my height now, I’m pretty short and I am often called «passe partout» ou «Dora» as I’m only 1’55 tall. Mais tout se qui est petit est mignon, right ?

I have one brother but is hardly ever around though, but ne vous en faites pas, comme tous les frères et soeurs, we manage to argue quite often nonetheless ! It can even go very far but we always end up making up. Sometimes after 2 or 3 months though… parce que l’on a de forts caractères.

I know it was not asked, but I would like to say I have 2 dogs, one of my dogs is my best friend because I grew up with her.

Moving on to my style now.
I don’t have any particular style but I like to be fashionable so I would say I usually wear oversized pants and all but I think the things I prefer in my clothes are my tops. My jackets or my sweatshirts. J’ai même prévu d’avoir toutes les couleurs de sweatshirts. I have already started my little personal projet but it will be very long, j’ai déjà 6 couleurs c’est déjà un bon début. I love shoes in particular Nike sneakers (Air force one, Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 1).


To whoever reads this !

Dear reader !

My English teacher told me I have to do a description of myself. Donc, je m’y plie ! I’m not saying I don’t want to, I’m just lazy… Comme tous les adolescents de mon âge, non ? But I’ll do it because, well… I don’t have much choice, do I ?

I don’t know where to start because I’m perfect. Je plaisante bien sûr, personne n’est parfait 🙂

Let’s start with my face then : I have brown eyes with rather short hair – ma mère m’y oblige, ça fait “militaire” pour employer ses propos… When I was younger, my hair was shoulder length and curly, like the surfer que je ne suis pas.

I have a small mouth like my mother, and a normal nose, I would say.

To talk about my looks in general, I am of average height and neither too fat nor too thin.

Until this year, my mother made me wear jeans, (ce qui n’est pas une mauvaise chose), but over the years, I realized that it was too unpleasant to wear, so since my 15th birthday, I dress (enfin !) as I wish.

Finally, to talk about my biggest complex, I would say, like most of my fellow teenagers… my acne that was born during adolescence (cette periode que tout le monde aime vivre, vous savez ?)

Other than that, I don’t think I have any. I’m not shallow or anything, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t pay too much attention to looks.

As I like to talk about myself though, now, I will talk about my temper: I think I’m quite the joker, (du moins c’est ce que mes amis me disent), and I’m not patient at all (je pense que ça vient de ma mère…)

 I think that’s all for me,

Cheers !


Dears readers,

I must introduce myself even though I don’t like that but it’s for double green points ! Je hais les points rouges.

First of all, My name is Gabriel, I’m fifteen years old and I live in St Ciers-d’Abzac. Nothing fancy there !

I’m athletic; in fact I’m a handball player. I have three trainings a week ; games on week-ends ; and two trainings with the club of Libourne because I was picked as their goal keeper. C’est trop cool !

Moving on to my face now. I have straight short auburn hair, a big nose, a small mouth and brown eyes. Rien de spécial quoi. For my body type, I’m not very tall, I’m 5’.8’’ tall, next to other boys of my middle school, let’s say I’m short. But for my height I have big feet because I wear size 45 shoes. Duh.

About my temper now, I’m smart and curious mostly when I don’t understand something. Even if it doesn’t necssarily interests me. I love to read, mostly medieval fantasy novels and mangas. It’s cool to picture a different world. I can let the steam off and dream. Next, I’m quite shy with people I don’t know. I’m an introvet I guess. I take after my father’s temper, I’m calm and rational. I’m teasing too, j’aime beaucoup embêter ma sœur !

Finally, I don’t have a clothing style I wear what I love even if my sister says « T’as un look de daron ! »

Well, I think I haven’t got anything more to say about me, myself or I !



Hi dear reader, Angèle there  !

Well, this year, we have a project both in English an French that consists in talking about us. Are you ready  ? Allons-y  !

First of all, my name is Angèle and I am 14 years old. Physically, I am 1.60 tall, I am more in the «  average  ». Mais je me sens très petite à côté de mon entourage  ! When I was younger, until I was 5/6years old, I was blonde with curly hair. It didn’t last long though ! I would have loved to keep it blond, it was very beautiful and I miss it because my hair today is very damaged but life has decided some other way I guess !

On the other hand, now, I have chestnut and totally straight hair, (well, for real, I have wavy hair but I have been smoothing them out since Year 6, so with time it is straight now ). Ce n’est pas bien, je sais !

Moving on to teenagers biggest nightmare ever… I complex enormously about my acne, so I have been under treatment since around 1 year now. Et ça commence à s’améliorer  ! I would say my preference on my face is the color of my eyes because under the shade, they are hazelnut green, however, in the sunlight they are light green, je les trouves très beaux ! I’m a Chameleon lol ! I must admit I don’t really like my nose because I find it overly upright and I would have preferred to have a turned-up nose because I’d have a better profile !

Be that as it may, comme on dit  : «  on ne peut pas toujours avoir ce que l’on veut  ».

Concerning my mouth, I like it. Obviously, I have beautiful teeth, not need of braces, tant mieux  ! I won’t look like rail tracks like some teens my age lol ! Thank good genes !

En général, I have a tendency to get dressed with loose and oversized clothes on school days because I don’t like my body. It does wonders for teens these days. I am quite self conscious sometimes… but I’ll get there ! J’y travaille  !

Anyways, when I’m not at school, I really like to wear classy and smart outfits, for example to go to the restaurant or in town. J’adore me sentir bien habillée !

About my temper now, I am very grown-up and quiet when necessary, après nous avons tous notre petit côté foufou à certains moments  ! Don’t we ?
This being said, if there are three things that I took after my parents, it’s anguish, anxiety and nervousness. Those three flaws exhausts me to the utmost and it’s tiresome from day to day but I stay cheerful always. C’est le principal  !

To end things on a good note – lol – I am extremely impatient, not very punctual, rather clumsy and too bold sometimes with… a touch hot temper… YET ! I still am fun-loving (enfin je pense), honest, generous with very ambitious and I have my heart on my sleeve.

I hope you know more about me now !


Dear reader, Julia there !

For this school project, we have to present ourselves both physically and morally. So, let me tell you about me !! Let’s goooo !

First of all, my name is Julia, I live in Bonzac and I’m almost 15 years old because my birthday is the 25th of February !! Donc n’oubliez pas de me le souhaiter !!!!

So, let’s start with my face ! I really like my blue eyes, I think they give me a cute charm !? Non ? I have some freckles, a little pretty mouth. This is cute and all… but what I hate the most on my face is my nose, I admit. It’s like that though. C’est la vie, chacun à ses qualités et ses défauts !

Unfortunately – like most teens – I have been wearing braces for 2 years now – it is a real torture – and I hope only one thing : ne plus les avoir pour la rentrée au lycée and have a nice smile later. Plus que quelques mois, je croise les doigts !

What more can I say about my face ? Oh yes my hair !! I have pretty straight brown hair, which it’s practical because I don’t need to straighten it every morning. Moreover, my ears are pierced so I wear many earrings particularly silver jewelry because I find this color is better with clothes. Mais j’aime bien l’or quand même !!

About my body type, I am quite small as I’m 1,60 tall mais ça va, ça ne me dérange pas. I do a lot of sport (but now that doesn’t come as a big surprise I guess, right ?) Indeed, I’ve practiced Triathlon since 2019, this sport is very complete, believe me ! Then, I am thin even if je ne fais pas attention à ce que je mange ! I’m really greedy (et ça depuis que je suis toute petite, et je ne pense pas que ça va changer !!) but I know when to stop eating. Also, I have muscular legs, it’s cool because I have strength but I don’t find it very beautiful on a girl.

Let’s talk about my clothing style. I don’t really have any specific clothing style, I just like a lot of clothes. But if I had to pin point something, well I often wear jeans and colorful or striped sweaters without forgetting a beautiful pair of sneakers to add the finishing touches.

I guess now is time too talk about my temper right ? I define myself as a smiling, kind and positive person, I really like helping others even if it is only a small attention. Ça fait toujours plaisir !
Then, I am a very competitive girl BUT I’m both fair play and a team player ! On the other hand, like my mother often says : I’m a bit messy, j’avoue… c’est très très rare quand ma chambre soit entièrement rangée, but I think I know who I take after !! > raconte ! Ça peut être drôle.

Well, I guess this is all… Though I’m sure Paps would loooove fo me to add more !
I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading me.


To whoever reads this !

Well, we have a project both in English and French that consists in talking about us. For this first part we have to present ourselves physically and morally. Here we go !

First of all my name is Clémence and I am 1,55 tall but compared to some guys at my school who are 1.90 tall I’m very small. Mais bon pas grave, ce qui est petit est mignon, pas vrai ?

Next, I have shoulder-length blond and curly hair the problem with curly hair is that they are very boring to comb but I love it anyway ! What’s weird though, is that until I was 13/14 I had straight hair. In my opinion curly hair looks better on me than straight hair. On me surnomme boucle d’or !

About my face I have a round face, big dark brown eyes, a fairly big nose and braces on my teeth. I’ve had them for 2 years, 2 years ! I really hope I have a perfect smile after this ! It’s a nightmare ! On y croit ! I also have many beauty spots, especially on my face, they all appeared on my 7th birthday. I remember I went to eat at the restaurant and going to the toilet, I discovered 7 beauty spots on my left cheek. Tadam, c’est magique !

My favorite features on my face are my eyes because I think their color is beautiful. You will say to yourself « yeah relax, it’s just brown” but before, when we were younger, the stereotype of the perfect girl had to have blue eyes, like barbie. So I’m not hiding it from you, I must confess I used to want the typical blue eyes but growing up I accepted my pretty brown eyes. In addition, you may not believe me, but brown eyes are better for your health. Oui c’est bizarre, je sais. I guess it has to do with the sun. But what I hate the most on my face is my nose, I find it big and from the side it has a small bump I find ugly. On ne peut pas être parfaite !

Let’s move on to my body. I am small, quite fine and I have very small feet. Je fais du 36… . I have fine hands but they are always weird because I have Raynaud’s syndrome so as soon as it starts to get cold, they turn purple. I don’t wear rings because last years, my great grandmother’s ring got stuck on my finger and we had to cut it. I’m still hearing my mum’s hysterical scream in my head sometime ! Je sais, je ne suis pas douée.

I guess now is time to talk about my temper right ? I define myself as hyperactive and funny. La reine des blagues. I am needy and jealous though. What more can I say ? Well, I am sensitive and extremely stubborn. Quite a combo, right ? Force aux personnes qui arrivent à me supporter.

Well I hope my description pleased you and taught you a little more about me, myself and I !


Dear readers,

Well, today I will write about myself because we have a project named «Me, myself and I» organized by my English teacher Mr Pappalardo and my French teacher Mrs Degalet. Our teachers love to know all about us. I don t know why but my curious little teachers want to know anything about their cute students. Au moins, ils s’intéressent !

To start I will describe myself physically. Please don’t stay I’m handsome I already know – et humble ? Oui, ça aussi, je suis au courant ! People often tell me so ! I am biracial, I’m both French and Moroccan, I am 5,9 feet tall (1,80m), which is tall for a 14-year-old. Anyways, I would like to be a little taller though (yes, I can’t get no satisfaction) because I like when people call me «The giant» because I love to feel special. I don t love be «normal», it’s boring. There are some drawbacks though. If you ask me, my feet are way too long : a size 46 is horrible ! And don’t imagine I can find a good sneaker. Mais bon c’est un mal pour un bien. Those are not cheap !

Now, let me tell you what I really look like. I have brown eyes, I have short, curly, black hair. When I was younger I didn’t love my hair but today I love it ! (and NO I don’t have any bald spots !!) Again, I like to be different.

Now moving on to my clothing style : I always wear tracksuits because I find they are very comfortable, plain and nice. Plus, if you wear jeans and you would like to run, it’s not possible ; but if you wear tracksuits, you can. But I love when jeans are nicely fitted : I wear jeans on special occasions only. Ne parlons meme pas des skinny jeans ! YUCK !

And to finish, I really must tell you about my temper ! I’m always exited and hyperactive. C’est mieux que d’être mou du genou non ? I’m sporty, I love to have a good laugh, to play and hang out with my friends Yowann, Foxy fox, Aubin…
I love playing football (Ronaldo is the GOAT) and basketball but sometimes I love sleeping or just chilling. I love to listen to music I do anything with music. It’s juste incredible. It’s juste like me, PERFECT. Et humble lol. Right now I’m listening to GOD’S PLAN by Drake because I’m happy and summer is around the corner. I usually listen to Freeze Corleone, Ziak. That’s my jam !

Hope you liked it.
From your handsome boy.


Dears readers,

Let me map out my presentation. First of all I’m going to present my body, then I will present my life, at last I will presents my spare time. And before I go any further, I have to mention it’s a school project I have to do both in French and in Euro English so I’m going to be honest like a poet.

This being said, let’s dive in ! I’m a skinny man with the face of a teen but I don’t care what other people think. Qu’ils s’occupent de leurs onions ! I try to be bulkier with many workout sessions but laissez-moi vous dire : it’s so tough ! I want to be strong and fit this summer because I want to impress my family ! I want a nice summer bod !

Moving on ! I have light auburn hair like the color of the sun. Et bien sûr pas une autre couleur 😉 Indeed, people say I’m ginger and call me Foxy. I find it amusing and all but most of them are wrong !

I have brown eyes like my cat, so I’m quite sharp ! I’m1,67 tall so 5 foot 47 ! J’ai grandi depuis l’école ! Yes I did grow since preschool because in CE2 I was 116 tall (short ?) ! Mais j’en riais ! What was weird, was, over the holidays I just grew up instantly like a tree. Bien-sûr je ne suis pas grand comme un arbre. Yet.  

Well I guess I could have started off with that, but mieux vaut tard que jamais : so, my name is Luthess Charlot I’m 14 and I have a lot of friends. I’m someone who doesn’t need a lot of things for be happy ! Bien-sûr, à part les consoles ! I love to play with my cats and my dogs but I must admit I prefer hanging out with my friends and with my «Friend Family». Of course, I’m talking about Bryan, my big brother, who is in my class of LCE ; Yowann my little brother, who adores his lil’ sheep Mehdi – my step-brother ; and let’s not forget Tristan my step-sister (lol) ! Une belle famille n’est ce pas ? 

One thing you must know about me, I love to go to school because I think it’s good to be with friends but lessons can be for me a torture when I don’t like subject ! Of course in Paps’s class it’s heaven ! I’m happy to go in his class because it’s very interesting and fun with Paps. But I reckon it’s also because all my old friends are in the same group ! It’s like a homecoming ! 

Also, not that it really matters, but I hate when people say « FLOP » for no particular reason. Ça me met hors de moi littéralement. I don’t know why  you would intervene in the discussion with that ? Heureusment, on ne fait pas tous ça !

To sum things up, I’m a cool dude and I have cool friend. So, what more  ?

To wrap this up, let me tell you about my tastes. I love to play with friends as I said earlier, video games mostly, but I’m 14th in the world in the game F1 22. I try to improve my scores. I hardly ever play real football with my brothers and with my dad though ! I’ve tried a lot of sports like baseball. Je suis très nul ! Paddle boarding as well. Là aussi je suis nul. Surfing ? Je ne vais pas vous mentir, ça n’est pas le sport qui m’a attiré le plus mais c’est celui où j’ai l’air charismatique sur une plage. Hehe ! Finally I <3 my English teacher because he’s a charismatic man who doesn’t need surfing to look good. Amazing  !

So, anyways, you can see I’m someone who never gives up ! That’s my strength I suppose.

That’s it for my presentation. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading me.
Merci de votre attention  !



Okay so, dear readers,

Honestly I don’t know where to begin. I need to write a description of myself as a homework, so I guess I am gonna start. Même si je vous avoue que j’aurais préféré jouer sur mon téléphone…

Anyways ! First of all, let’s talk about my looks. I am a bit overweight but it’s not my fault I swear ! It’s those candies and those pastries that are bothering me… Qui résisterait a une bonne patisserie ou un macaron ?

I am a brown-haired girl but my mother thinks I’m dark-blond because we have the same hair color. Once, she actually made the mistake to ask for a brown hair dye at the salon. Her hair turned as red as a strawberry but it was not supposed to at all. Dommage que je n’étais pas encore née, j’aurai adoré voir ça !

To close the subject of my looks let’s speak about my height. I am kind of a dwarf, like, you know the house elf of Harry Potter ? Add like, 30 centimeters and that’s me ! Hi my name is Romane and I am 14 years old. Yeah right !

Now I am gonna talk about my temper. I am a bit greedy, mais vous le saviez déjà, and I am lazy most of the time when I am not at school. Il me semble que c’est un trait commun à tous les ados ça non ? I often work at night – I guess I like doing nothing or enjoying my day in the light. Plus, my mind is racing and at full capacity at night time. I’m a night owl ! Besides, it gives me something quiet to do and afterwards, my mind is tired up and I can fall sleep very well. Gagnant-gagnant non ? Je dois avouer que I have abilities to study so I can chill on my phone and then read my lessons it’s gonna be as good as someone who did study all night sometimes. Pas juste…

Moving on… I have talked about my body type and my mind but where are the things I love and what will they be without the ones I hate ? Here they are !

Commençons. First I love delicacies like candies or pastries but don’t think you can hide food from me. I’m gonna find where they are. My favorite flavor ? Violet of course it’s like a sweet rose flavor married with a honey one. I’m starving only thinking of it ! I’m not joking when I say that je ne peux pas vivre sans un bon sirop à la violette, really.

I like manual things too, like building wood structures or drawing doodles with only a pen, a pencil and a rubber even if it’s the corner of a workbook je peux pas m’en empêcher.

Plus I am a big fan of Pokemon cards. I mean what else can you be when you have 5 big books full of Pokemon cards and can’t fit all of your cards in ?

Then, comme tout le monde je suppose, I am absolutely found of chatting with my friends. I am social and I am keen on painting my nails. My mom is actually always begging for me to do her nails. Mais j’ai souvent la flemme ou alors elle n’a pas le temps quand je suis disponible.

Ok ok , moving on the things I hate. I do hate big hairy spiders and I have a fear of snakes. I can’t stand people that are mean to me or to the teachers, as well as the ones that are angry for no reason whatsoever. Peace & Love !

Good new guys ! I’m done so now you can go on with your life 😉


Dear readers !

Well I’ve got to do a physical description of myself and more (like my temper or some of my complexes etc…) for a project both in English and French. For starters, I will speak about my physical appearance, then I will talk about my temper and more. Ca va être compliqué… mais allons-y ! Ca promet !

So ! Where should I begin…? I’m quite short (around 1m65 tall) and I have long brown curly hair. I usually style it in the front of my head and I let my curls do the rest. Let me tell you this : c’est difficile les cheveux bouclés because in the morning it’s a big mess, and during the day my hair has a life of its own !

About my eyes, people always say it’s the most beautiful thing on my face and – not to be full-of-myself or anything – I agree with that because I’ve got big blue eyes. Plus it’s a clear blue. Apparently I have sparkling eyes too. ’Fin quand je n’ai pas des cernes à cause de mes devoirs ! For the rest of my face I have the most average nose yet, with heart-shaped nostrils. Je sais c’est bizarre… je respire l’amour lol ! My mouth is normal and my skin is perfect (pour le moment du moins). I’m quite lucky to be honest… I don’t have to deal with pimples yet.

Movie on to my body type now. Well, it’s quite crazy because I’ve many problems (à cause du sport) like scoliosis and my shoulders are not the same height. I won’t tell you more as the list goes on and on (j’ai honte). I feel like a grandad sometimes because tennis is an asymmetrical sport and I have a body that breaks easily.

Now it’s time to speak about my temper : I love sport it’s my breath of fresh air. I can escape « real life » and let the seam off. Actually, I do 9 hours of sport a week and more if I’ve a competition planned. By the way, my sport is tennis. But I also do physical strengthening on the side as well, to keep fit and healthy. But… I’m a teenager and vous savez tous ce que cela signifie… the hormones kicked in… and like any other teenager… I love girls ! No I’m kidding (ou peut-être pas pas) !! I love video games like rocket league or overwatch. It’s less complicated than girls right ?

To wrap this up, I guess I can say I am fun-loving, fun, kind and empathetic (j’ai dû demander à mes potes). On the down side though, I’ve a big ego, I’m too sociable sometimes, I’m a good liar and I always want more than I’ve got. Dur de me satisfaire !

I almost forgot ! Like most of my classmates, boys and girls alike, I’m crazy about oversized and loose clothes. I just wear things that are too big for me because I like this flow. It took me two years to finally find my true style. J’en ai mis du temps !


Hi guys !

In this text I will tell you about me, myself and I. Meaning, how I am physically, morally and more. Before going any further, I have to say it’s fo this booklet in French and English.

So first things first, I’m going to talk about my looks. Well, here’s what I look like: I used to find myself quite tall but compared to my friends I’m average to be honest ! I mean, next to my classmates who are much taller than me – for example, Maxence or Mathis – I’m practically an elf. Especially Maxence. Like. This dude is a giant. I’m small then.

I’m also a boy who’s a bit sporty yet a bit plump – heureusement que j’ai grandi. Enough about that though.

Now let’s move on, on my face. So I’ve messy short and brown hair, they’re hard enough to comb in the morning just for the day. Mon dieu quel galère. You have no idea how long it takes to look half decent ! But honestly and more seriously, having thick hair is really annoying especially in the morning when you don’t have much time to comb it. Et si vous vous demandez pourquoi c’est énervant et bien, tout ce que je peux dire c’est, merci la famille !

Not that it was required on our assignment, but let me just put it out there as I believe it says a lot about me: if one day I can choose my future job I would like to become a pastry chef. I have really wanted to do this ever since I was about 8 y.o. Je ne vais pas mentir… j’ai raté et gâché beaucoup de gâteaux en les faisant tomber ou en lisant mal les recettes. Besides, my mom is tired of myself cause I always ask her to to buy me some new tools I need to bake new cakes ! J’ai la meilleure maman <3

I’ve forgotten to talk about my eyes that are just like, so average I think. I also get glasses for them ‘cause sometimes they are really tired and I feel like they are on fire. AWESOME.

To continue about how I look, I won’t talk about my clothes like most of my classmates. I will move on to my jewelry. Actually I’ve lost all of mine. Before I lost them, I used to wear: rings, necklaces, and other jewelry but I don’t remember precisely. Je suis vraiment dégouté. But I’ve bought some yesterday so it’s okay. I really like to wear some jewelry ’cause it’s brings something else to my outfit.

Well, this was the end of my description, I’ve said everything I felt comfortable saying 😉


Dears readers !

Well, I will tell you all about me and myself ! I promise to be honest but I’ll try to make you laugh as well, pourquoi pas ?

To begin, I am 1m84 tall. It’s very useful to grab the last Coca-Cola at the top of the shelves in the supermarket and at this point, my pants could be a real table cloth, like, seriously ! Jokes aside, I’m tall for my age. I have long legs to ride my motocross. I have big feet too : size 46, I mean, seriously ?? Who has feet that big ?! I wear different clothes and outfits : from tracksuits to, jeans, hoodies, or even… table cloths lol ? I like it, this is the main thing I guess. I like to be comfortable in my clothes.

Moving on to my head and my face, I have thick brown hair (c’est dur de se coiffer) with bright brown eyes. On my face, I have red cheeks because I would get slapped a lot during my childhood… Ce n’est pas vrai bien sûr, I was a nice kid ! Actually, when I was 11, I had a serious illness : La Maladie de Kawasaki. My red cheeks are the single consequence of that disease, but I could have been way more serious. I try not to paid attention to it because people used to call me the «tomato.» Et pourquoi pas ketchup ? But it’s a part of myself.

About my temper, I’m not to shy but I stress out a lot and it’s very annoying because I stress subconsciously. Je ne peux rien y faire, I can’t help it. I’m a bit stubborn too and I stand by it ! My moms says : « Tu es un vrai gentil ! » except when I tease my little brother. Mais c’est à ça que servent les grands frères non ?

To conclude, I live through my qualities and my faults, but my reason for living is always to enjoy life. Quoi qu’il arrive.