Projet français-anglais 3e Chablis #m_m&i

3 Fév 2023 | Anglais, Disciplines, Français, Informations ponctuelles, Royaume Uni, Voyages pédagogiques

Dans le cadre de notre grand projet « Me, Myself & I » sur l’écriture auto-biographique et l’introspection les élèves de 3e Chablis de M. Pappalardo et Mme Degalet ont été amenés à travailler sur l’écriture de soi. Ci-contre, le programme de notre projet pour lequel le séjour en Angleterre constituera le point final (d’exclamation !). 
Les élèves ont échangé avec leurs correspondants britanniques et américains, leurs famille d’accueil britanniques, mais aussi leurs professeurs de français et d’anglais afin de maîtriser les codes de l’écriture de soi dans les deux langues et parfois les deux en même temps. Ils ont dû apprende à adapter leur niveau de langue en fonction de leur interlocuteur.
Voici leur auto-portrait physique et moral en anglais et avec interjections en français. Ils seront prochainement rejoints pas les élèves de 3e LCE de M. Pappalardo, Mme Degalet et Mme Gomes. 

This year with Ms Degalet and Paps I’m gonna do a book named « Me, myself and I ». So I’m going to compile all the projects we will do both in French and English about myself.

So, to start this book I must describe myself.

Dear reader, I wish you a good reading, here is my masterpiece !

Well, this is what I look like : overall I’m of average height, I suppose I’m among the tallest of my grade but when you have guys like Maxence or Lilian in your class you can’t pretend to be tall at all. Coup dur ! Overall I’m rather a slim and athletic teen.

Moving on to my face now.
So I’m a straight-long and blond-haired teen. My hair is really fair, so people often ask if I dyed it and I sometimes tell them, just for laughs that I did when I was five. Of course, at the end of the day, I make sure they understand I’m just kidding. Bon sang que je suis amusante…
But more seriously, having fair hair is a true problem especially when you’re with animals like horses ; they always mistake my hair for hay (et si vous vous posez la question, ce n’est pas du tout agréable de se faire manger les cheveux par un cheval).

And also, if one day I need a job to make a living I should become a hairstylist ! Seriously I have a talent for it : when I was just 5 y.o. I took scissors and I let my inner artist self express himself (autrement dit je me suis fait un magnifique dégradé). I remember my mom was devastated when she saw me with my brand new hairstyle, but that’s just because she didn’t get my art (tout le monde ne peut pas avoir bon goût).

Anyways, enough prattle about my hair. About my eyes they’re grey-blue. Sometimes they get tired that’s why I have rest glasses that I just wear when I’m reading, writing or when I’m watching a screen.

Now let’s talk about this : braces. Unfortunately like most teens I had to wear braces to look good and have a nice smile later, I had to deal with looking like rail-tracks in my teens ! Happily it’s finished now and I don’t have them no more (bon débarras!)
And now, here’s the last thing about my face. I have freckles. They’re everywhere on my face, as if someone splashed them on.

Let’s talk about something else : my fingernails. My nails are always cut short, in particular my left hand fingernails because I play the guitar. Indeed, if my nail would be too long it would bother me when I play so they have to be short. So you will never see me with long nails.

I also don’t wear jewelry. Indeed all the jewelry that I wore in the past got broken or lost or they annoyed me so I got rid of them. The only jewelry that survived was a wristband, handmade by my best friend (c’est un miracle que le bracelet ne soit pas encore trop abîmé). So on my left wrist, I always wear it. On the other hand I always wear hair bands (ce qui est plutôt pratique quand on a les cheveux longs).

At last I will present you my little defining feature. On my left index finger I have a kind of little circle made of skin. I’ve had it since a was born. It’s not something harmful to health but it can’t be removed so I guess it’s just a disfunction that my body had when I got created.

Well, this was the last element of my description, I have nothing more to add, so my description is officially finished.

Microphone drop.


Dear readers !

Well, I must make a physical description of myself because we have a projet both in English and French. I did not want to do that because I’m a bit lazy but as I don’t have much choice, I still do it, so here it is !! Dommage pour moi.

To begin with I am very very handsome because I’m perfect ! No I’m just kidding, scratch that, let me start again !

We’ll start with my face. First of all I’m curly-haired with blue eyes. I’ve got pimples that I could do without, honestly…. But hey ! Welcome teenage hood ! C’est pénible.

For the rest of my body, I’m tall, but, like, very tall with my 1m82 for my age. J’suis une tour ! But anyways, I feel very very short next to Max the giant who is 1m93 tall. I think that I have a little inferiority complex. Ça craint ! And my feet are no longer feet at my age, being a size 46, let’s say it’s not normal !

To finish, moving on to my clothing style, so I don’t know how to describe it, except that like it, I feel good in it. I guess I like comfortable clothes.


Hi dear reader, Emma there!

Well, we have a project both in English and French (with Paps & Mrs Degalet) that consists in talking about us. For this first part we have to present ourselves physically and morally. Are you guys ready? Here we go!

Obviously, my name is Emma and I am 1,55 tall. I’m quite small compared to my friends like Maxence or Matis. Ce sont de vrais géants !

I have long brown and curly hair. I love my hair even if sometimes it’s complicated to do any type of hairstyles and seeing how patient I am, it can quickly degenerate. Catastrophe capillaire en vue !

I have an oval-shaped face, l’m caucasian, I have green brown eyes, I have a small nose and a beautiful mouth with beautiful teeth. Pas besoin de bagues, j’ai de la chance ! Yeah to that !

My favorite features on my face are my eyes because I find them quite charming. But what I hate the most on my face are the few acne scars above my cheeks but I’m sure it wil disappear. On y croit !

Let’s move on to my body. I’m pretty short so I have a big advantage: brand clothes I can buy from kids so it costs me half as much which is really cool ! Tout ce qui est petit est mignon n’est ce pas ? Even though c’est encore dur d’accepter le regard des autres, I try not to pay attention to them so much though it helped me in a sense. I would never have confidence in myself and then all that matters is to love yourself before others love you !

Next, I have small hands and beautiful nails. I love my hands, I think they are cute. I don’t wear rings very often but I love to wear nail polish, I think it looks very feminine. Oh, also I love my belly because it’s flat all year round. Je ne fais pas du tout attention à ce que je mange, c’est pratique ! Ihave quite muscular legs. Non je rigole, but I must admit that running with small legs I’m doing pretty well. And unfortunately with teenage-hood comes lots of body changes : I start to have stretch marks and it’s very complicated for me to accept that so l often hide them with jeans or leggings because I don’t like too much to wear skirts and dresses, I find that it doesn’t suit me at all.

What more can I say ? Well, I have small feet, so shoes also cost me a lot less compared to Maxence qui fait du 48 et puis moi qui fait du 38 donc je ne me pains pas trop. I have a lot of choice. Picture me wearing his shoes for a minute 😉

I guess now is time too talk about my temper right ? I define myself as a hypersensitive and very active person. I’m generous with my family and friends, I give a lot but sometimes I’m disappointed by people because they don’t give me back twice as much because I give a lot of myself. Deux poids, deux mesures !

Besides, I am a very positive girl and I push others to give the best of themselves. I also define myself as a someone with quite a strong temper. D’ailleurs j’adore dire ce que je pense par rapport aux sujets abordés. I’m also a little bit stubborn and rough on the edge.

Wel I hope my description pleased you and taught you a little more about me.

This was Emma, by Emma, herself and she.


Dear readers !

Hello, here’s the description of myself. It’s for my autobiography and I hope you like it. It was for the project « Me, Myself & I» organized by my favorite English teacher Mr Pappalardo that we usually call «Paps» and my dear French teacher Mrs Degalet.

First of all, I think you should know my name. Well my name is Pedro-Angelo, I know that’s a bit long but tell this to my parents ! My mum wanted to call me Angelo and my dad, Pedro so they just mixed both of them and so is my name.

I’m 14 years old and I live in Guîtres, a little village located near to Libourne. My school is also located there, so I walk to school, that’s pretty cool, right ? Ok, c’est un peu off-topic, alors venons-en au fait !

Now , let’s move on my temper. Well, I have a good sense of humour. I love cracking jokes with my friends and that’s what I live for. Sometimes, I can be  very obstinate, I can’t accept to lose an argument. Ça m’énerve beaucoup ! I’m really open-minded and hard-working but my main flaw is that I act to much silly with my friends and I don’t focus at school. Boys will be boys I guess !

Now, something really important. My physical description ! To begin, I’m not that tall. Indeed I’m 5,1 feet tall. I had a complex about my size because my friends were making jokes about that. Now, I don’t even take it seriously and I even laugh about it ! Parfois on m’appelle le nain lol ! There’s also someone else who’s short like me, I think my English teacher will understand reading this lol ! By the way, his name is Karel. In our grade we are either dwarfs or giants. No in-betweens ! Lord of the rings much ? Wait a minute, that makes my teachers Gandalf and Galadriel !

Anyway, I’m long-auburn-haired. I’m brown-eyed and I have some freckles. I don’t particulary have a style for my clothes. I just don’t like to wear skinny or tight clothes, It’s horrible to wear ! I don’t know how people can wear those things. I already tried but when I walk I look like a pinguin. That was funny tho. Also, I’m quite slim. I’m a bit athletic and I try to keep healthy. Indeed I’m really sporty and I regularly practice sport like badminton or table tennis. Now, I’m assuming you know more about me.

I hope you enjoyed it.



Dear readers,

Before I introduce myself, you probably already know me, I’m doing a paper in French and English, I’ll try to open myself up to you first. Even if it’s hard, I’m going to try and be as honest as can be. Ça n’est pas facile parfois ! First of all I’m going to introduce myself from head to toe, secondly I’m going to tell you my biggest complexes and what I like the most about myself and for the end even if it’s not asked, what I like in life. Et oui, je fais du zèle !

First of all, I’m about 5’7″ tall, I always dress in large or even oversized clothes. I’m quite plain, that is to say I have brown hair and brown eyes. It’s weird because some girls would like to have my lashes because they are long ! Moi je n’ai pas besoin de filtre TikTok les filles ! I think it’s funny because eyelashes don’t totally change someone’s beauty. I have a square jaw et je suis une girafe (I have a long neck). Also, according to my big brother, I have square shoulders, a rather dry and thin body, Lilian is only telling me that I have a huge butt, I have huge thighs, small legs. I’ve finished presenting myself from head to toe. Bogoss n’est ce pas ?

Now I’m going to open myself up to you : indeed, I think my nose is a bit too big (it’s so big when I open my eyes I can’t see anything else). J’ai des problèmes de peaux : as any teen I guess ! Which is a huge problem for me because I don’t know how to get rid of it. Vive l’acné ! I have too much bodyhair and in fact I’ve never paid much attention to other people’s bodyhair, but I don’t like mine at all.

I have a little complex about my ears, I find they stick out a bit too much. Then, I would love some abs as I think my belly isn’t ripped enough. Mais il faudrait que je fasse des abdos ! Anyways, what I like about me is my Adam’s apple, it’s « muscular » hehe ! I like it too much. Ne me demandez pas pourquoi, je ne saurais pas dire ! To finish, I love my hair.

At last, je sais que c’est hors sujet, mais what I love most in the world is my girlfriend, she’s so perfect c’est incroyable. My girlfriend’s family and mine are my everything. I love my country (France) and my ancestors’ country (Italy) – actually, my favourite food is real pasta carbonara. And finally I love my English teacher.

That’s it for my presentation, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading me.


Dear readers !

Well first I must describe myself ! Ça craint ! DUH ! This is quite stupid I guess right ? Indeed I know what I look like ! But my beloved teacher asked… so here we go ! And it’s for a booklet named Me, Myself and I where I must talk about, well, me, myself, and I !

Let’s start with my face, I am brown-eyed but I would like to be blue-eyed given that I prefer this colour and I find that it makes someone’s face more gorgeous and brighter. I am long-haired. I’ve always had long hair. I like my hair, it looks nice I guess. I have thin lips, a straight nose while my family has big ones ! THANK GOD ! I have a few freckles too, so I don’t need a lousy fake filtrer like girls on tiktok ! LOL ! I am fair-skinned like snow ! I don’t necessarily have a complex about that but I would have preferred to have a little darker skin because I find it more awesome !

About my body type, I am 1,66 tall. I’m taller than my friends but I don’t really like this because I’ve always preferred to be small. I suppose that’s because I like people to take care of me. I don’t really like my body but I do with it. C’est la vie !

About my looks, I wear oversized clothes because I enjoy fashion and I am feel better about my body in this type of clothes. I have glasses so I am bespectacled. By the way, that’s quite fun : my teacher used me as an example to have my classmates memorize this word, so now it’s a running joke between us ! They all remember that word now !

Moving on to my temper : some teachers say I have quite a temper so I suppose I am a bit bad-tempered but I’m not too comfortable with that I guess. Indeed, I’m fed up with being told I am hot-headed all the time. I would like to be cooler-headed I guess. J’y travaille. C’est NUL !

And I am very very patient… No I’m just kidding ! It’s quite the opposite actually ! I am very honest, even a bit too much. All of my friends tell me so. But I guess it can be both good and bad at times, right ?


Dear readers !

Well before going any further. I guess I have to start off with the truth: our beloved French and English teachers want us to make a booklet called “Me, Myself and I”…  so I suppose I must present myself and be as honest as can be ! Prêts ? 

Let me present myself: my name is Maxence, I’m 14 years old. I’m a brown-haired, brown-eyed boy. I’m very tall I’m about 1.92m (for me it’s just average it’s just the others who are tiny hehe). La vie est belle up there !
Moving on, I’m fit and athletics; my mother wanted me to practice many sports because when I was young, I was such a pain so she wanted me out of the way (je le suis toujours d’ailleurs) Now I practice judo and I play basket ball. Besides, during my spare time, I practice basketball. I’m very determined with my team mates to win the championship. Merci maman !

When I was younger, I had curly hair and I remember that time I wish I could come back because I was so cute !

I have a problem: my forehead is covered with a lot of spots. Vive l’acné ! If I could make a wish, I would like to no longer have spots, même si cela me va bien. I’m joking !!!!

About my hobbies, I’m crazy about music and I play the guitar ; girls are fond of it hehe ! Speaking of which, my favorite singers are Favé and Tiakola.

My friends are very important to me, I could not live without them.

About my qualities and flaws, I think I’m generous, fun-loving, sociable but I’m stubborn and sometimes childish (I can be mature sometimes but it’s not as fun). My mother thinks I’m a pain in the neck because I’m very difficult with food. Décidément


Dear readers !

My English teacher told me I have to do a description of myself. I don’t want to though, I’m too lazy (comme tous les ados n’est ce pas ?) but I must do it because I want good grades… and mostly because he scares me lol !

So, let me do a description of myself. First, I’m small, slim and athletic. I always wear jeans because I don’t like to wear tracksuits when I don’t have P.E. I know everybody says it’s comfortable… Mais franchement ! Jeans are very comfortable too. Besides, in my opinion, jeans are prettier than tracksuits.

Now, moving on to my face. I have short auburn hair. I’m a large-blue-eyed boy, I take from my mother. I have big lips, so it makes I have a kinda big mouth, comme mon père. And I’ve normal cheeks, I guess. I don’t have any freckles, but it’s fine, I don’t care about freckles at all. What’s up with this obsession teens have with freckles ! There are zillions of Snapchat fake freckles filters today : that’s so lame and shallow !

I think I said everything about my looks so now, let’s move on to my temper. I’m very bad at pin-pointing a temper… Indeed I’ve never asked myself what temper my friends have, really. A quoi ça sert ? But I know I can be very lazy as much as I can be hard-working. Bah quoi ? Tout le monde s’y prend au dernier moment, non ? I also can say I’m easy-going and maybe I’m fun insofar as I always made my friends laugh. 

I think that’s all that I have to say about me, myself and I.


Well, I heard I must present myself ! I’m not too glad about it because it’s a school thing, but I need a good grade, so here it is ! Let me tell you what I look like !

First I take a lot from my father physically but in terms of temper I look a lot like my mother. It’s quite an explosive mix to be honest ! I look like my father because I’m quite tall and I have long brown hair (j’adore mes cheveux !!!). Also I said that I look like her given that I have a very beautiful smile. I know it may sound shallow, but I feel good about my smile, so why not say it ! I also wear makeup regularly because I love makeup (ça cache les défauts !) I’m just unlucky because I have my father’s eyebrows and since I was little I’ve been teased because of my eyebrows (aujourd’hui j’apprends à les aimer) but I love my eyes given that they are hazelnut and almond.

As for my style, I like streetwear. J’adore mon style because it suits me I guess. And I’m quite a fan of jewelry too.

About my temper now, I’m very very very shy (uniquement avec les gens que je ne connais pas) given that with my friends I’m hyperactive, joyful and very sociable and my best friend told me that I am fun to be around, even funny at times and sometimes I guess I can be a pain (et c’est lui qui dit ça !!)

But I’m whining all the time ! It’s my biggest flaw I suppose (enfin… c’est surtout celui de ma mère!!)


Dear readers !

Dear readers ! Well, in French and English class we have this project whee we must describe who we are and talk about ourselves. It’s called Me, Myself and I ! Ok let me introduce myself. C’est parti !

First of all, my name is Karel and I’m 14 years old, (it’s not the most important thing I guess. Vous le savez déjà !) On this picture here, I’m already quite handsome with my chestnut hair parted in the middle. It’s quite long but very fine – not like Aubin haha. Don’t worry, I’m just kidding ! He’s my friend. But his hair is thick though ! 

I know I can sound full of me, myself and I, but actually, I feel bad about one thing though : my hair gets greasy real quick. Pas ouf.

Well, moving on ! After I can talk about my forehead which is rather basic : neither big nor small without any pimples unlike Max who can calculate with his forehead #calculator – as you can see, I like to tease my friends. Max, you’re my bro !

Then, I have blue eyes with pigments of all kinds of color going from green to orange and yellow to brown which make them quite irresistible unlike Max or Aubin with their basic brown eyes. Ok, you got me ! In fact I love them too much ! 

Que dire de plus… my nose ? Well, there’s nothing more basic there. I think I don’t examine other people’s noses. Anyways, my mouth is rather thin and I’m often told that I have a real girl’s face. After all, I look like my mother and it’s a compliment, she’s the best.

About my clothes now, well, it is incredible. I am keen on large oversized Nike or Volcom outfits – really, like a little skater ! But there’s a reason why I wear large clothes. MY BODY. It’s a big issue for me. I don’t feel good about my body type because I’m quite skinny or even ectomorphic for bodybuilding. Indeed, I’m told quite often that I’m skinny and that I have no strength, though I have more abs than them bullies ! Ce sont des « rageux » ! Haters gonna hate ! I know I’m not really muscular, or bulky but I don’t mind ! I just have skinny-boy abs and shoulders but that’s already enough for me.

To finish, you want to talk about my legs ? Alright then, if you insist. I’m not too comfortable with that either ! My legs are rather short due to my height of 1’60… and to add more to the embarrassment, let’s talk about my size 38,5 feet. Oui, les 0,5 sont importants ! I think you don’t want to know more, so to conclude, I guess I can say I’m cute yet too short #narcissmeetsdroopy


Chers lecteurs,

Let me introduce myself. Well, my name is Emile, but I’m assuming that you know that, right ? My first name is not common but I still like it.

Actually, there is not only my first name which is weird, as, so is my temper. Brace yourself ! I can be good-tempered yet I’m a daredevil. I’m very silly and dirty-minded but I can still be both serious and hard-working. Je vous avais prévenus ! 

Moving on to my body : I’m short-straight-dark-haired but I would love to have long hair, so I let my hair grow. 

I’m brown eyed but I’m not bespectacled. I have a few freckles (that I am crazy about) and thin lips. Next, I have a small nose, ears and small forehead. The only thing that I don’t like on my body is nothing because I’m perfect (joking). I have a long neck that I also love given that it makes me look older on photos. Oui je sais, j’essaye de me vanter sur des petits détails. 

I have very but very big legs for me. Like, when I sit on a chair I’m like, my legs have tripled in size ! I’m assuming that’s it, given that je n’ai pas envie de parler de mes pieds !



Dear readers !

Welcome to my booklet ! Well, before going any further, I guess I must explain why I’m doing this. My classmates and I must present ourselves in a booklet called « Me, Myself and I ». So, I will write many things about me, myself and I !

First, let me describe myself, insofar as it’s the first thing to do in a book I guess, n’est-ce pas ?

I am dark-curly-haired but I’ll end up cutting it I think, given that it’s hard to style it ! I spend hours styling it ! Also, I am blue-eyed which drives girls crazy (sorry… je suis déjà en couple – et très humble aussi lol). I have a not very straight nose but I don’t feel bad about it (enfin pas pour le moment). I have a normal mouth even though my sister tells me that I don’t have an upper lip (ce qui n’est pas vrai). To finish with my face, on my cheek, I have a scar that I got when I was little when I fell on a washing machine lol : I know, that’s neither very glam nor heroic ! (pas de quoi se vanter !)

Moving on to my height. I am 1m65 tall. I wear size S clothes and size 41 shoes. I always wear jeans except sometimes when I wear large pants. All the other boys wear large pants because it’s ‘’fashionable’’ but I don’t want to be like everyone else.

Now let’s talk about my temper, I am kind, honest, rather hard-working but I am also a little shy, very clumsy and lazy at times I guess. Being clumsy is so annoying since I must, always, clean up my mess (et j’en fais beaucoup chaque jour)!

At last, I know it’s quite off topic, but I’m crazy about Harry Potter given that it’s awesome and I would like be a wizard to fly on a Nimbus 2000 (le rêve).


Dear readers,

OK, so I’m going to introduce myself !

Well because my teacher made me do it LOL (pas trop envie). I’m a 14-years-old-girl, I’ve brown long curly hair but I often smooth it out. I don’t mind my curly hair but sometimes I like to straight it out. Indeed when I was is primary school it was straight everyday, but once I got in secondary school, it got curly !!!! Why ?? I have no idea ! But I can choose how I want it. Trop pratique ! 

I have brown eyes (incroyable n’est ce pas ?), and I have brown skin. Indeed my mother is Portuguese and my dad is Italian! Un beau mélange Atlantique/Méditérannée ! I’m neither tall nor short, I’m 5’4’’ but my friends say I’m short just to annoy me. Bien sûr, if I compare myself to some of the boys in my class like Maxence or Lilian (des perches ces gars) it’s for sure that I’m RIKIKI. I wear large clothes because, I love them because it’s fashionable to wear oversize outfits.

I don’t wear make up to go to school except, I put glitter on my face (je brille de mille feux). Speaking of which, let’s talk more about my face : I have a normal size nose, I have nice eyebrows and especially nice lips. I don’t often have pimples like some classmates of mine – I won’t name names, let’s be nice ! Je sais, j’ai de la chance ! Pourvu que cela dure :/

I enjoy my body rather well, I don’t have any particular complex. Please, don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not shallow, I just feel it’s important to feel good about yourself.

Moving on to my temper… I have a hot temper ! (ne me cherchez pas des noises). I am nervous, confident (je m’aime trop LOL) fun to be around, impatient, a bit shy yet friendly. I love spending time with my friends, laughing and having fun.

On this picture it was summer and I was dressed with a red tank top, red Nike shorts (je l’ai piqué a mon cousin) and Jordan trainers because they are amazing. Here, I have finished introducing myself (et finalement c’était plutôt cool).



Dear readers !

Welcome to this chapter of my Me, Myself & I booklet. Oh come on ! You are surely reading this because you want to know me better, n’est-ce pas 🙂 ?

First of all, let me describe myself.

I’m a dark-brown-haired girl with eyes that often change colors. About my hair, my boyfriend want me to let it grow because he finds it’s cute (ma famille trouve que cela fait charmant d’avoir les cheveux long). I have also darker eyebrows than my hair and a medium nose. I don’t usually wear any make-up (sauf pour les grandes occasions !) as I don’t like make-up and it doesn’t feel comfortable. It doesn’t suit me nor my style (on me trouve effrayante avec).

Moving on to my body !

I’m 4,75ft tall so I’m quite short I guess, but not too much. Plusieurs personnes aiment ma petite taille. I have tiny hands and feet. I know in my grade guys are real giants ! I look so small next to some of them !

Let’s talk about my clothing style. I’m usually wearing something pink or monochrome (black, grey, white) in a « cute » style (ce style me va bien comme dit mes parents). I always wear a face mask though but those are linen face masks because the other mask hurt me… One can’t be too cautious. Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir ! Let me explain the reasons why I wear a face mask when I’m at school or even elsewhere. I have many reasons but évidemment Covid is still there and if someone at school gets it, I’d rather protect my family and my friends !

I think that’s all ! Thank you for taking time to read this.

Julie NM