My school is cool ! Jean Aviotte through the eyes of the 5e OSSOUE

4 Avr 2022 | Anglais, Disciplines, Informations ponctuelles

First of all, let me present my school ! We are about 500 students from Year 7 to Year 10. Jean Aviotte Middle school isn’t very big but it’s cool because I know everyone ! p
About academics, we study Maths, French, Languages, Sciences, PE, Arts, Music and so on. 
This being said, let’s talk about recess now : our school is great because you can do many awesome things. Indeed, you can play table tennis in the school playground thanks to the FSE ; you can relax on the wooden benches. It’s nice : our playground is very colorful. Plus, at 1pm you can do your homework with teachers who can help you. Cool, right?
Moving on to clubs now
Well, on lunch break, you can attend many clubs and workshops : 
– first you can attend choir twice a week if you like singing
– you can also learn how to command a robot in the lab
– then you can go to the DIY workshop where you can create cool stuffs and jewelry
– you can attend a nature workshop where you can build tiny birdhouses
– every Wednesday afternoon, you can practice many sports in UNSS. It’s cool because you can do championships too.
– of course, you can act in the drama club and play drums too : it’s cool because you can develop your artistic skills. 
I think clubs are excellent ways to strike up new friendships and discover new things. It’s really amazing ! 
At last, there are many school outings and trips! 
Year 7 can go hiking in the woods ; Year 8 can ski in the Pyrénées ; Year 9 can go on a nature outing in Auvergne ; Year 10 can go to the UK, Spain or Germany. I believe my school is awesome and we have some great teachers ! 
By the 5e Ossoue

So first of all let me present my habits. So on Mondays, I always swap houses because my parents are separated. I don’t like Mondays given that I have to carry all my stuff from one house to another. It’s a little bit annoying but it’s okay because I have two bedrooms. It’s cool ! Then I do my homework, I do my homework 6 times a week. 

On Tuesdays my brother always goes to tennis practice so I have to set the table. Duh ! I hate setting the table. It sucks ! Then when my brother comes back home we sometimes watch a little bit of Koh Lanta. I like that show because there’s action and suspense and I can judge the contestants ! 

So now, moving on to Wednesday ; let me tell you this : I hate Wednesdays because I’m the only one who goes to school. But when I come back home the meal is always ready on the table and I don’t have to set the table ! That’s a big plus ! In the afternoon, I always practice sport because I go running to chill and relax. I’ve even found a new place by the river where I can let the steam off. It’s a little platform close to the water I almost have my feet in the river. It’s soothing ! My brother often invites friends over to hang out but I never meet my friends or strike up new friendships. We often fight but I always win tough. I am tougher. Wink wink ! Alexis thinks he can beat me but, hey, I’m two years older than him, what is he thinking ?! Then we often watch the replay of Koh Lanta. Indeed, on a school night, I go to bed at 9:30 pm.

Now on Thursdays, classes end earlier so when I’m at my dad’s I take the bus to go back to Libourne. But when I’m at my mum’s I sometimes walk home. Then I can have fun with my brothers. We play on the trampoline and my tiny brother, Adam, often jumps on me. Every two weeks my brother goes to tennis practice. Setting the table again. Duh !

On Fridays, it is a little bit cooler because it is the last day of school, we often watch TV at night. So I can relax. Then on Saturday I go running, I read, I play and I often watch TV. Sometimes, I play in the little wooden house in the garden : I repair and I decorate it. On Sundays, I always do my homework, I play, I watch my series and I sometimes tidy my room. Besides, you have seen my room right ? I’m very organized (well… only when I have to show it though !)

Now let’s move on to my school. My school is great, I love it, the teachers and the staff are great. The only problem is that the meals are gross. The playground is very colourful, it’s cool, but maybe too much. You can also attend lots of clubs. On Mondays, there is choir practice with Miss Charbonnier. Then on Tuesdays, every two weeks, you can attend the Photography club and I think there is the Robot club with Mr Sagbo too. On Wednesday afternoons, there is the AS where you can do sports with the PE teachers. It’s very cool because you can let the steam off mid-week. Now on Thursdays, we can attend the DIY club of Mrs Nazaries and Mrs Lepoivre. You can create jewelry and lost of other things. It’s awesome ! And you can also attend choir practice again. Then on Fridays, you can attend every two weeks the photography club where you can do very nice pictures with Mrs Taghavi. You can also build tiny birdhouses with Mr Pappalardo and Mrs Ancrenaz. In our school the FSE is so cool because now in the playground we have wooden benches and nice plants. A lot of trips are organized for each level. So conclue : my school is awesome !!! 


What do I do in my spare time ?

First, I obviously spend most of time at school. Well, in my spare time I always play video games with Maël or Tom, my two best friends because it’s fun. I usually play Roblox with Maël. I am even the moderator of a gaming server on Discord. Then, I play with my sister and my brother, Morgan who is in 7 Dragonfly. They’re both cool but they can be annoying sometimes. I play Braul Stars and Robot with Morgan and I sometimes play football with my sister. After dinner, I usually watch TV from 8pm to 9pm. I always watch « Ma famille d’abord » on channel eighteen.

I can chill and let the steam off. I need that after a long day at school where our teachers are demanding. 

In the morning I always have breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day right ? I must stay healthy.  Then, I dress up to go to school, obviously. You want to know what my school looks like ? Check it out on this page !

Every other weekends I go to my dad’s. My parents are separated you see. But it’s okay. When I am with my dad, I sometimes hang out to meet my friends at the park. We usually act silly at the swing and we sometimes play hide and seek. We have fun ! It’s pretty cool. At my mom’s I must do chores, like setting up the dinner table or emptying the dishwasher twice a week. Duh ! I don’t like doing this given that it’s boring, hard and annoying.

To conclude, each Wednesday, I practice sports with my friends and my PE teachers : I love sports because it’s fun and relaxing. Plus, it’s an excellent way to strike up new friendships. I can play Badminton, table tennis or play Sit Ball ! I’m brilliant ! Actually, I usually win games.


First of all, I am Maïlys and I am 13 years old ! I go to Jean Aviotte middle school in Guîtres.

To begin, at Jean Aviotte school we study English as our first language then we can study Spanish or German as a second language. Between 1pm and 2pm you can choose a workshop such as drama, drums or DIY club. There is also choir and a photo club to discover new skills and strike up new friendships. At 1pm you can do your homework with teachers. It’s awesome because I can save time at home. On Wednesday afternoons you can do a variety of sports with the PE teachers at the UNSS. To sum things up there are lots of activities, both during and after school.

I’m going to talk about my habits : after school I always meet my friends and go with them to the skate park. We don’t hang out very long though, but it’s cool and we chill out. At home after my homework, I often relax listening to music and it helps me to let the steam off. The rest at the evening I have dinner with my family, read a book then go to bed. I usually go to bed at 9pm but I never lose time on my phone because… I don’t have any ! Duh !

Every Wednesday I have my guitar lessons so I never have the time to practice sports. At weekends I sometimes invite my friends over to have fun together. We chat and play video games.

About chores, my mum often asks me to empty the dishwasher, duh. However, I let it drag as long as I can and when I’m ready, it has already been emptied by someone else so in fact I hardly ever do it ! 


Let me present my habits and my routine after school ! Well, first of all, my name is Lola and I go to middle school Jean Aviotte. My school is not very fun, it’s very strict.

Anyways, after school I often hang out in Guîtres with my friends Loan and Louna. It’s very fun. We go to the bakery and buy some candies. Then we usually go to the bus stop and eat them ! 

Then, I go back home to do my homework. Indeed, my parents are very strict and I must be serious. I don’t like school though, it’s quite lame.

Each Wednesday, classes end at 1pm. It’s awesome. So this is the best day because I don’t like school. Sometimes I relax, but every Wednesday after school I go to my riding school where I can practise my favourite sport. I’m keen on riding horses. It’s so amazing, I love it. Besides my favorite horse is Ocelle. I love her ! She is very cute. Plus, I can let the steam off after school, it’s really cool.

Usually, when I go back home I go for a walk with my family. My brother is very boring ! Then I do my homework. Again. Duh. At dinner time, I must set the table because my mum forces me. It’s dull ! Then I go to bed and I scroll on instagram and chat on snapchat till 1am.


Before going any further, let me present myself. My name is Tom and I am 13 years old ; I go to Jean Aviotte middle school in Guîtres. I will present my daily routine. 

At first, after school, I always meet my friends at the bakery to buy some candies and crips. It’s awesome ! I love candies because it’s sweet.

Next, we hang out to the city stadium to play football or basketball. I’m quite good at both these games because I can play very well. We all have fun together and we can let the steam off. When we are tired, we all chill on our phones. We play video games like Clash Royal or others. I’m very good t it because I’ve been playing ever since I was 5 ! Sometimes we spend time of Instagram or Snapchat too. 

Personally, I do that twice a week, on Wednesdays and on Thursdays. I sometimes strike up new friendships – not always though.

The rest of the time, I play video games with my friends. We play at Fifa; Rocket League, Warzone or Minecraft. I’m quite good I guess because I’ve played for a long time. I’ve already won when I played versus Rayan in 7e S. But it’s more difficult when I play versus Maé though ! 

The evening, I usually do my homework at 6 pm right after school. It’s usually not too complicated but when it is, I do my best anyway ! Then, I help my parents to wash the dishes. I don’t really like to do that to be honest… But I like to help. I don’t do it all the time because there are my sisters, so I’m not very tired !

Before going to bed I read Shakespeare, Molière…

No !! I’m joking ! I read mangas !


First of all, before going any further, my name is Clarisse and I am a student of 8 Ossoue, at middle school Jean Aviotte.
Let me present my everyday routine !

First of all when I finish school, I go back home. I usually walk back home : my parents never pick me up ! Duh ! But I don’t live too far away, so that’s okay. I meet my friends on the way back. I walk back with my neighbour or Camille, Léontine and Maïlys. Later, I usually have a snack because I’m often hungry after class ! But I sometimes go to my grand parents’ by car. At my grands-parents’ I often relax and chill on their sofa. I often scroll on instagram and chat with my friends on snapchat too.

I sometimes go to the henhouse of my grands-parents and I have fun with the hens it’s very funny ! I occasionally run in the garden… I guess we can say I practise sports. What I prefer though, is to tease my grand-father but he plays back with me. It’s very funny and cool. I love my grand-parents. I never hang out in the street at night. It’s too dangerous.

On Wednesday I always go dancing in Coutras, where I can strike up new friends-ships. And I always go to the AS with the school, it’s very cool. I can let the steam off mid-week.

On Saturdays I sometimes go shopping, and I always search for a spare coin on the ground… But I never find any.
My parents want me to tidy my bedroom but I never do !!! I hate that !

When I close my shutters at night, I often speak with my neighbour we tell a story or two, she is a true gossiper but she is very funny and cool  !



Well, first, let me present myself. My name is Lucas and I am 13 years old. I go to middle school Jean Aviotte in Guîtres. It’s a cool school. 

Anyways, after school I always have a snack and eat cakes and I drink apple juice. I am very greedy and I am often hungry after class. I need to eat to get my strength back before I do my homework ! My teachers are very demanding. 

But before I relax I always watch TV. Sometimes I can play with my sister who is 8 years old. I usually play Minecraft.

After… here comes the most dreaded time : I do my homework. It’s sooooo long ! But I like English and Math.

Moving on, twice a week, on Wednesday afternoons and on Saturday mornings I always practice sport : I’m keen on playing tennis because I can have fun. On Wednesday afternoons I often play video games because I can chill. I usually play Fortnite, and Apex Legend. I’m quite good I guess.

At week ends, sometimes, I meet my friends, we hang out or ride a bike in Abrac with Tidgy. However, I rarely read a book. Indeed, I hate reading… It’s not for me. I prefer watching my favorites series : I sometimes watch « NETFLIX » but my parents don’t want me to stay idle too long. DUH ! 

Well, about chores, my parents usually ask me to set and clear table and I do… because I don’t have the choice, but I pout because it’s so boring. At the dinner table, my sister always speaks and it makes my ears bleed : she’s a chatterbox ! I always want to shout « shut your mouth !! »

My parents sometimes ask me to tidy up my bedroom but I usually find excuses not to. My parents are cool because I can sometimes invite friends over to my house at weekends or on holidays. It’s awesome because I can let the steam off.


Hi Guys ! So, first of all, let me present myself ; I’m Léontine Bredel and I’m in 8°O. My school is Jean Aviotte at Guîtres. 

Let me talk about my habits and my daily routine. On Mondays, after school, I always play the piano with my professor Mr. Dumont at St Ciers d’Abzac. I play the Rolling Stones. I like this group! Actually, I can play quite well because it’s a bit difficult !

On Tuesdays, I usually relax at home. Sometimes, I like hanging out to relax or chill… I love playing outside with my pets and listening to music. I listen to the Rolling Stones, Maneskin, Mettalica, and Massive Attack. They’re awesome! My garden is so beautiful! My mother loves gardening! Then, I can sometimes chat with my friends, particularly with Camille given that she’s my best friend! Often, I chat with Manon too… but not for long because my parents are not really okay with that tough…!

On Wednesday afternoons I always dance with my friend Lou-Ann and together, we are training for our gala. Then, we often play outside on the trampoline, and we roller-skate and even skate. But I’m not really good given that it’s a bit difficult… Sometimes, we cook pancakes or bake other cakes… To me, it’s amazing! 

On Thursdays, I usually chill at home, I listen to music, I read a book, I watch TV… nothing really exceptional…

On Fridays, when I’m at my mother’s, we often go to the Pyrénées with my step-family, or we stay at home. In this case, I rarely invite my friends over. When I’m at my father’s, I play with my sister, we sometimes go shopping, or cook. With my father, we sometimes run in the woods, near my house. He lives at Villenave d’Ornon with my step-mother and my sister, I love them. Together, we often play and we have a fun! 

Now, let me talk about what I make every day: I always listen to music, I always set the table, and I put away the dishes. Awesome, right? I don’t really like that…but I am a good girl and I do as I’m told. Plus, I must help with the chores, it’s only fair. 


Well, first of all, let my present my school and my routine.                         

In my school there are about 600 students. The name of my school is Jean-Aviotte and the school is in Guîtres. On the grounds there are 2 table-tennis tables and a big canteen in the B wing. There’s also another playground by the C wing, but you can hardly ever go. It sucks.

You can attend clubs (creative workshop, choir, photography workshop, robot club and practise sport on Wednesdays) at lunch time. You can also do your homework from 1:00 pm until 1:55 pm all days. It’s great because you can finish your homework before going back home. Thus you can spare time to chill. 

Let me tell you about my daily routine at my mum’s : on Mondays I always wake up at 6:45 am, after I get dressed and I brush my teeth and I go school with the bus every day. I never have breakfast… I know, it’s not healthy but I’m never hungry in the morning. 

Let me tell you something, my mum is very strict : on a school day I can just do my homework ! It sucks, but I understand because I must have good grades. I can sometimes watch TV in the week-end but never on a school day ! I sometimes use my phone and chat on snapchat or scroll on instagram, but rarely though.

At my dad’s though… : I go to my dad’s every other week-end and there, I can play video games on the Switch and the Play station. I play Fortnite on my Switch and GTA 5, Max Paine on my Play station.

We often go to the beach because my father lives in Arcachon and there are trains very often. It’s cool, I like going to the beach because I can swim and sun bathe. 


First of all let me present my habits. On Friday nights, I usually practice sports because it is cool and I can let the steam off. My sport is gymnastics. I can strike up new friendships so it’s awesome. 

At weekends, I can chill or go to my cousin’s to have fun, play, eat. On Sundays, I often do my homework or invite my friends over. Camille, Erin and Leontine often come over. We usually sing, dance and chat. It’s great ! 

When I’m done with my homework, I listen to music to relax. I love singing but I can’t sing at all ! I’m hopeless haha !  

I always tease my brother, my sister and my dad… because I love them and I like to tease them. I often do the chores at home tough. That’s less cool ! I often tidy my bedroom. It’s so dull !! DUH ! I hate tidying my bedroom, its’ so lame.

Then I love shopping but my dad and my brother don’t, so I sometimes go with my mum. We go to fancy shops and have ice cream together. 

Anyway, moving on… I’m brilliant at doing gymnastics given that it’s very easy but I don’t play football at all given that I am hopeless. I can’t shoot any ball at all ! I’m hopeless. However, I spend a lot of time on my phone…


Hi ! My name is Maël, first let me present my school ! We are about 500 students from Year 7 to Year 10. Jean Aviotte Middle school isn’t very big but it’s cool because I can strike up new friendships !

Anyways, let me tell you what I usually do in my spare time.

Well, when class starts at 9 am, before school I meet my friends in front of the school and we hang out towards the stadium and sometimes we buy candies at the bakery. I often start school at 9am so it’s cool ! 

Next in the afternoon, after school, we often go to the leisure center to play video games or table-tennis ; I’m brilliant at table-tennis : I can play very well because it’s awesome and I can have fun. I need to let the steam off after a school day. I like my teachers but they are demanding. 

Then, at home, I often invite my friends over and we sometimes play video games but my big brother is always there to piss me off because he wants the computer. On top of that, he says it’s to work when I know very well it’s always to play. He’s such a pain ! 

At weekends I relax, and I chill. I often go the stadium with my bike to meet my friends and strike up new friendships. We always play a ball game. Besides, when I invite friends over we often practice sport. Usually, we play table-tennis. Esteban is rather good too. 

At last, my parents always ask me to set the table, but I sometimes ask my little brother to do it for me. I always have him do what I want ! The perks of being the eldest ! 😉

But they always ask me to do something else here and there : it’s annoying (I usually don’t do any of it anyways though !)


First of all, before going any further, let me present myself. My name is Camille and I am in 8 Ossoue. I will talk about my daily habits. After school, I always chat with Léontine, indeed she’s my best friend. I like her so very much ! We are besties ! 

First of all on Wednesdays, I’m alone at home because I haven’t neither sisters nor brothers… I am an only-child. But I have a pet though ! It’s a cat and she is a little clumsy… But she is so cute !!! And I often relax on the sofa with her when I watch TV ! Indeed, I watch Friends or The Thunderstorm on Netflix because I love these shows ! They’re both really funny. 

Now moving on to my habits ; I don’t practice any sports at the moment but next year I will practice swimming given that it’s amazing and it’s so fun !! Maybe I will strike up new friendships ! Indeed, in summer, I’m usually at the pool, I have fun it’s so cool and I like playing in the water.

Sometimes, I invite my friends over, we hang out at the park, where there is a basketball court… it’s great but I can’t play basketball at all : I am totally hopeless ! There is also a tennis court nearby and there I can play tennis.

On evenings, my mother often asks me set the table but I don’t like doing that !!! And on Friday evenings, I watch « Koh Lanta » I like that show because I like the adventure side of it. I often cook pasta because it’s my favorite food. I like cooking, it’s relaxing. It’s necessary to let the steam off.


First of all, before going any further, let me present myself. My name is Esteban and I go to middle school Jean Aviotte in Guîtres. My English teacher is Paps and he asked me to talk about my daily routine. Here we go ! 

After school I usually go to the youth club where I’m trying to strike up new friendships but that doesn’t work so I chill, practise sports and have fun. I often wander and explore new areas in Guitres and besides I’ve found new places that I didn’t know about. I can let the steam off and think about something else. It’s awesome.

About my skills, I’m hopeless at tennis because I haven’t been playing for 5 years now ! I’m brilliant at swimming though. 

At my home I do a little bit of chores of course. I hardly ever play with my sister, and I hardly ever help my parents with the housework though. I sometimes tidy my room, I always do my homework : I have a lot of homework because my teachers are very demanding.


Before going any further, let me present myself ! My name is Cassiopée, I’m thirteen years old and I go to middle school Jean Aviotte.

Let me introduce my after school habits, my routine.

I usually go back home and I hang out with Laura, Lisa-Marie and Alyssa my three best friends. Then I relax on my bed. I also like to play on my phone ! Actually, I spend a lot of time on Snapchat and Instagram. I can chat with my friends and let the steam off after a school day. It’s cool ! 

Before I go to the shower, I have to tidy my bedroom. It’s very boring ! I am quite untidy. Well, before dinner, I always prepare my clothes for next day. And after dinner, I go to sleep at 9pm… but I spend a lot of time on my phone scrolling and chatting… Sometimes I sleep at 3am… It’s not healthy I know ! 

On Wednesday afternoons, I meet my friends at the skate park. I love having fun with my bike at the skate park ! I am brilliant ! I can do some jumps and acrobatics ! It’s awesome. I sometimes strike up new friendships. At last, at 5 p.m, I go home and let the steam off. I hardly ever practise sport on Wednesday though, given that I’m tired  ! I am not very sporty.

Well, let me present my school now. The name of my school is Jean-Aviotte and there are 500 students in this school. About subjects, we study Math, French, Langages, Sciences, PE, Arts, Music and so on. In this school, there are 30 teachers. The school yard is small yet colorful. On breaks, we can play table-tennis and we can relax at the CDI. Moving on to clubs now. Everyday at lunch break, we can attend many workshops (singing, DIY, birdhouses…) and every Wednesday afternoon, you can practice many sports in UNSS. The school Jean-Aviotte is cool and very nice  !


First of all, my name is Maé and I am in 8 Ossoue. My teacher is Paps and he asked me to talk about my routine, so here it is !

To begin, after school I always practise sport, I play football. Then, I often play video games to strike up new friendships. Indeed, I can strike up new friendships with video games. It’s great. Sometimes I can speak English because they are from an English-speaking country. I’m brilliant at Rocket League because I play video games 7 times a week.

In the evening I usually watch videos with my sister, we always watch Mastu. It’s cool because I can chill. My sister is 18 and we both like Mastu, it’s good fun. 

Sometimes after school I invite friends over. Victor and I often play video games together.

Each Wednesday I help my mother with her job because she works from home…. No I’m just kidding ! I never help her because I am too young !

Anyways, about sports, I practise sport four or five times a week because I play football three times a week and I do orienteering runs once or twice a week. It’s really great. I can play football very well because it’s easy and cool. With my team we often have games and we sometimes win.

At last, I go to bed at midnight and I watch videos to fall asleep.


First of all, my name is Eva and I am in 8 Ossoue. Here is my daily routine. 

After school, I never do my homework  ! No I am just kidding ! Actually, I always must do my homework because I am serious and I want good grades.

I know it’s wrong but I never read a book, I don’t like that  ! But, I can read though. Don’t worry ! It’s just not my cup of tea.  My mother often tells me to read a book, I never listen to her because I don’t like reading, I prefer watching TV.

But I sometimes play video games with my friends « Clarisse and Killian ». They are so cool ! We often play Brookhaven on Roblox. Actually it’s a city ! 

I rarely meet my friends outside school and I never invite friends after school, it’s sad because my parents are strict.  Instead, I often hang out in my garden, I can let the steam off after school, my brother and me, we like have fun outside  ! We play basketball and we play with our overboard and skateboards.

I don’t like playing outside in winter though, because it’s chilly. I always relax on my sofa, it’s very cool ! I often play and scroll on my phone.

I know it’s not very healthy but I never practise sports because I don’t like sports ! I’m hopeless ! 

On Wednesdays, after school, I go to my grandparents’, I play outside with my cousins ​​Léa and Clara and with my little brother Hugo. We play at Among’ us !

My mother sometimes say « help me for the chores please » but I don’t like that… I know it’s not cool but I hardly ever help ! No, I’m kidding… ! I do it but always pout  !