My crazy/weird meal ! Le menu loufoque des 6e DRAGONFLY

4 Avr 2022 | Actions diverses, Anglais, Disciplines, Informations ponctuelles

Dans le cadre d’un chapitre sur les goûts et la nourriture typique du Royaume Uni, les élèves de 6e Dragonfly de M. Pappalardo ont été amenés à imaginer en anglais le menu de leurs rêves… ou un menu loufoque… Alors accrochez-vous… et attention aux haut-le-coeur !
La semaine prochaine, ils devront commander une pizza au téléphone avec une vraie restauratrice anglaise ! Leur premier coup de fil tout en anglais, avec une anglophone qui ne parle pas un mot de français ! Evidemment… la pizza n’arrivera jamais ! 

Léo : WOW! This waitress is soooo beautiful ! Hey, hey, hey Yes ! Miss, please ? 

Waitress : Yes, how can I help you ? 

Léo : I would like to order please, I am hungry. 

Waitress : Okay what would you like ? 

Léo : First, for starters I want a cucumber salad with white cream dressing because it’s so good for my health because it’s balanced food. 

Waitress : Anything else ? 

Léo : Yes, I want to order drinks. I’d like a soda because it’s fizzy and I like fizzy drinks, it’s so good and cool. 

Waitress : Yes, of course. What soda would you like? 

Léo : I want an Indian Tonic please. It’s sweet and fresh. But please, you don’t need too much grenadine or it’s disgusting.

Waitress : Okay, next ?

Léo : For the main course I would love a hamburger with tacos and French fries on the side. Then, on my tacos and hamburger I’d like cheese because it’s fat and tasty. Oh, but I don’t want any salad in the hamburger please, because I am allergic to healthy food besides cucumber hehe !

Waitress : Okay, would you like any desserts to finish, or a coffee. 

Léo : No ah! ah! ah!! I have kids’ tastes. I want a doughnut with many candies on top. Blue candies only though. At last, can I have some pancakes too ?  

Waitress : Ok… 

Léo : OH! Sorry, I forgot ! At last, I’d like a very big eye on the side. 

Waitress : What ?? No it’s disgusting !!!!!


Waitress ! Please !

I need to order a crazy meal !

Well, first for starters I would like an insect salad with eyes of frogs and slices of porc because it’s delicious and bitter sweet.

Next, for the main course, I want a big rotten fish with slices of frogs. And a slice of lemon on the side as well. But, I don’t want eyes of frogs, sorry. I find them really disgusting !!! Yuck ! For the main course it’s not tasty !

Then, for the drinks… have you got a glass of snake juice with little a slice of snake ? I would like this because it’s very very tasty !!!

At last, I’d like a vanilla cake with many rotten yet colorful candies !

Waitress : What !? No !!!


Sabrina : Waitress, please !
I need to order a meal ! So are you ready?

Well, first for starters I would like a pig-eyed soup with snake tongues.

Newt I would like a rotten fish burger with a parrot blood dressing as well as salad, and moldy tomatoes.

For the drinks, I would like dog juice with slices of rabbit (be careful I want half of the rabbit)

For dessert I would like a strawberry cake because it is delicious.

Waitress : Besides the cake everything looks disgusting…


Let me present my crazy meal !

So, let’s start with the starters : Tomatoes and radish please.

I love junk food too : Can I have a hamburger with bacon ; pasta ; a slice of pizza ; and French Fries.

At last, I would like an ice cream cornet, jelly and a slice of pie because it’s delicious.


-Hey !
-Hey !
-Are you alone ?
-Yes I am on my own.
-This is your table.
-Will you have an apetizer ?
-Oh…yes I would like many squid fritters with some spicy ketchup.
-Okay. For the starters ?
-For the starters, I want a potato salad and a bowl of chestnut soup, because I think it’s good for my health.
-Oh, ok, I will bring you this.
-Thank you

-Here it is.
-Have you chosen your main course ?
-Oh ! Of course! I would like a large pizza with tomato sauce, many meet bowls, little onion rings, and fresh tomatoes. Do you have big mozzarella balls ?
-Yes we do, yes we do.
-Ok, I want some please. Still on my pizza, I will take French fries and of course grated cheese. I know it’s weird, but anyways.
-No problem ! Do you want any drinks ?
-Yes, a coke please.
-For the desserts I would like a tiramitsu with nuttela and a slicce of Basque cake.
-Okay ! Enjoy !


Waitress! Please!

I need to order a weird meal !

So are you ready… ?

Well first, for starters I would like a pig’s head because it’s so delicious !

Next for the main course, have you got a large pizza with nutella and mussels ? Because it’s both sweat and salty. But I would also like chicken eyes because it’s healthy, and full of vitamins I suppose !

Then for the drinks, I would like many blue and red coke candies please.

Waiters : What !!!? NO ! that’s disgusting

Jules A.

– Hello, I would like to order my meal please. 

– Well, of course. What would you like to have ?

– So, first, for starters, I would like a big train and some rainbow sauce because I’m very hungry and I like health food. Oh, and dragonfly wings too, because I really like dragonflies. They’re lovely. 

– Errr… OK… But you are weird…

– It’s ok, I am a witch. Anyways, next, for the main course I want a crisps burger with soup instead of ketchup and chocolate instead of bread. Is that possible ? Now, for the drinks, I want champagne, but don’t tell my parents ! I would also like some fish juice too. I love this, it’s very tasty !

– And for the dessert, what do you want ? 

– I want a bacon and cheese ice cream cornet please. 

– Ok, I’m brining you that right away.


Waitress, I would like to order my crazy meal !

First, I would like a big bowl of ramen because I like Naruto and also because it’s balanced food so it’s healthy.

Then for the main course, I want tacos because I love white meat and vegetables. Oh, but can I have French fries and ketchup on the side aas well please ? I love junk food… but I know it’s not very healthy and it’s too fat.

After, for the drinks, I would like a Monster energy drink please. 

At last, I would like a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cornet with colorful smarties !


– Waiter ! Can I order my meal ?
– Yes, of course.
– Ok, thank you. Well first, for starters, I would like to order a bowl of salad with a tomato and a lot of mayonaise because it’s both fat and tasty.
– I love mayonaise a lot but I hate salad ! Yuck !
– Have you got any soup today?
– No,sorry.
– Ok, for the main course, I want to eat spinash. I don’t really like that but with salt it’s ok. I would like a slice of meat and pasta as well please.
– It’s a weird order !
– Yes ,I like crazy meals. For the desserts I don’t want a slice of pie but I want jelly because it’s jiggly and colorful.
– Ok, why you wouldn’t order a slice of pie ?
– Because, well first, it’s too fat for me and next I am allergic.
– For your drinks would you like a bottle of champagne?
– Of course !
– It’s will be 250 pounds!
– God that’s expensive ! 


Good evening,  I would like to order a meal please.

I would like onions with peppers and goat’s eyes. Then I want a lemon soup because it’s so tasty with a bit of mustard. 

After, for the main course, have you got any large pizza ? For the toppings, I would like fourty colorful candies and some jelly with a chocolate bar and four carrots. It’s my favourite meal. I don’t like coke… do you like coke ?

Waitress : yes I do !

For the drinks and desserts, I would like an Ice Tea milkshake with muffin and ice-cream mixed together, with orange juice. I would like a chocolate EIFFEL TOWER. 

For my mafia friends, I want to order four large pizza with cream, some grated cheese, some bacon and well-cooked beef with an egg on top. For the desserts, four cupcakes with sausages toppings !

Waitress : It will be ready in 45 minutes !


Waiter please, I need to order my crazy meal please ! 

Well, first, for starters, I would love a big soup with some colorful dragibus candies because it’s sweet. Can I have a splash of Nutella too, because it’s fat and soooo sweet. 

For the main course now, I would like a pizza. For the toppings, I would like tomato sauce, a lot of grated cheese, ham and many mushrooms : it’s very tasty ! I would also like a slice of strawberry cake on the side because I need balanced healthy food.

For the drinks, I would like a soda. A sprite actually, because it’s fizzy. And I want a coke as well, because it’s sweet and I can mix them both. 

At last, for the deserts, I would like a slice of pie because I love pies ! 


Waiter, Waiter ! I really need to order a weird meal please ! Are you ready ? 

Well, first I would like a bowl of soup with a purple snake egg and two fried dragonflies because it’s crazy. But I hate dogs and cats because I don’t like Chinese stereotypes ! 

Next can I have four dark-blue lion heads and fly legs ? Can I order mummy gauze tagliatelles because… well, it’s quite gross ! Yuck ! 

Actually, for the drinks, I would like a special coke : a big glass of pig’s blood juice because it’s both very fat and very sweet.

At last, for the desserts can I order dry milk because it’s crunchy !

Jules B.

First, for starters, I would like to order a salad with tomatos and some dressing because it’s salty.

Can I order the main course please ? For my main course I would like rice and chiken because it’s my favourite dish. Plus, it’s balanced food and I like healthy food ! But, I don’t like carrots because it’s not tasty. I hate white bread because it’s too soft.

Then, the drinks. I would like a coke because it’s sweet and because it’s junk food. I know… I like both !

For the desserts, can I get an ice cream cornet and a chocolat bar. And a tiramisu because it’s sweet and fat.

Thanks a lot !