#stopbullying : « Jonah, you have a dm »

31 Mar 2022 | Actions diverses, Anglais, Disciplines, E3D & ECO CVC, Informations ponctuelles

Dans le cadre de notre chapitre sur « identity » les élèves de 3e Serengeti et Everglades de M. Pappalardo ont été amenés à envoyer un direct message à Jonah Mowry, un jeune adolescent américain victime de harcèlement à l’école à cause de sa sexualité.
Son message a touché le monde entier et sa vidéo a été partagée sur toutes les plateformes lors de sa publication. 
Les élèves de la classe se sont montrés très matures et très bienveillants. Quel beau message d’espoir pour l’avenir ! 
Vous trouverez ci-après les messages rédigés par les élèves et envoyés à Jonah.

Well, no of course bullying isn’t fair. No-one on earth deserves to be harassed. The victims can have lots of trauma, but they don’t have to suffer just because they are different. I’m not sure, but I think being bullied merely because you found the strength to actually embrace who you are, is to me the worst thing that can happen to you in your entire life.


I think it isn’t fair at all to victimize, or bully people solely because they are different, as, to me,  all of us are different. So I think it’s stupid when you want to conform to « the norm » because everyone ends up looking alike. You don’t have to look « cool », « in the norm » or fit the mould society imposes on all of us. It is a good thing to show our personality and individuality.

Chloé B.

In my opinion, it its absolutely not fair to victimize and bully people because they are or they look different. I do believe we have the right to be whoever we want to be and that clearly shouldn’t be a reason to be bullied.


Well, I do believe bullying is obviously unfair. Everyone is different. Everyone has to be different… otherwise it could surely be boring.

Chloé G.

No, it’s not fair to victimize someone just because they look different because I think they have the right to be whatever they want, for example if they are part of the LGBT, they must not be tried or victimized. Who are you to judge ? 


Victimizing people because they are different is not fair. Everyone is different but not everyone is bullied. No one should be harassed. Just because someone has a different body type, a different sexuality is not a reason to get bullied. Period.