Creative writing #dracula « something strange happened… » : 3e LCE

8 Fév 2022 | Actions diverses, Anglais, Disciplines, Informations ponctuelles

Dans le cadre de notre chapitre sur « the undead » les élèves de 3e Serengeti et Everglades de M. Pappalardo ont été amenés à écrire une scène gothique.
Après la lecture de l’oeuvre intégrale DRACULA de BRAM STOKER en anglais, les élèves ont travaillé sur l’adaptation cinématographique du roman gothique par FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA. Les libertés prises par le cinéaste ont poussé nos élèves de 3e LCE à imaginer une scène supplémentaire… 
Avant de vous lancer dans la lecture des scènes, sachez que Dracula est un roman épistolaire publié en 1897. Il raconte l’histoire du comte Dracula, un vampire immortel qui se repaît du sang des vivants et peut les transformer à leur tour en créature démoniaque. Nos élèves ont donc dû respecter le registre de langue de l’époque Victorienne, mais également les codes liés au roman gothique.
Jonathan Harker, jeune notaire, est envoyé en Transylvanie pour rencontrer son client, le Comte Dracula, nouveau propriétaire d’un domaine à Londres. A son arrivée, il découvre un pays mystérieux et menaçant. Malgré la bienveillance de son hôte, le jeune clerc ne peut qu’éprouver une angoisse grandissante…
Très vite, il se rend à la terrifiante évidence : il est prisonnier d’un homme qui n’est pas un homme.
Ce matin là, Jonathan se réveille tourmenté… et ne se souvient plus de ce qui lui est arrivé la veille… Tel était le point de départ imposé de ce « creative writing » – voici les récits de nos élèves… Prepare to be blown away…

Something strange happened last night but I can’t remember what…

After diner, I found it was very weird because I had never seen the Count eat or drink ! He is a very peculiar man ! I found his reaction when his hand touched the crucifix, quite odd. With hesitation I finally decided to explore the castle. I began to try all the doors, but they were all locked. For the love of God ! All of a sudden I remembered I heard a scream… it was both terrifying and dreadful. I thought it sounded like a woman being strangled.

I felt a rush of adrenaline within my veins… it was quite strange. I had never felt something like this before. I have to say however, it was terrifying and… exciting. I did not recognize myself…

I rushed down the corridor, my heart was beating wildly. The scream seemed closer and closer. There were too many doors, I did not know which to go… Ultimately, I decided to try to open each door anyways… At the end of the corridor, I saw a half-opened door, it was this very moment I felt I could be in danger… and yet I could feel my hand go towards the handle. What was I doing ?

The bedroom was gloomy.

The walls were dark.

The curtains were torn.

The furniture was overturned.

The window was wide open.

It was as if a fight had happened here. I stepped carefully into the room and, there, near the bed, I saw a woman lying on the ground. I believed she was dead given that there was blood on her neck. I went closer to the body and I saw two tiny holes on her bloody neck. What a shock ! This scene froze my blood : who could have done such a cruel thing?

A shiver ran down my spine, I had the strange feeling that someone was behind me. I turned around slowly… yet… nobody…

I heard a noise in the corridor, I ran out of the bedroom and I saw a familiar shadow creeping on the wall. It reminded me of the Count’s shadow. Was it ?

I knew I had to get back to my quarters as soon as possible, the only place I felt relatively safe.

Right or left ? I did not know the way… The shadow moved towards me. I rushed to the stairs but unfortunately I missed a step. My head hit the ground. Before I lost consciousness, I saw the Count’s face near me…

Still in a daze, I started to wake up. I could feel I was in my bed. The count was there. My first reaction was to touch my neck. The count noticed it and smiled. He then asked me what I was doing out of my bedroom at such a late hour of the night. I answered him quietly that I couldn’t sleep.

Actually, I cannot remember anything else after my nasty fall, besides the Count’s skin, paler than usual. Almost glowing and see-though. His lips were red as if Life itself was running into them… what a dreadful creature !

Léa & Pia

Something strange happened last night but I can’t remember what…

I just woke up in the great hall, I don’t even know how I got there. The longer I am staying with the count, the weirder things are getting… Time seems to fly by… and to stretch out. How peculiar…

I was famished like never before, so I went to the dining hall to breakfast but when I stood up, a book fell off. I picked it up and saw it was written : « All about monsters » in dark red and gold letters on the old leather cover.

Suddenly, my recollections came back to me in a flash. Yesterday evening, at about 11 pm, I decided to go to the library to indulge in my favorite hobby: reading about foreign species and creatures. I went there because I could not sleep at all, I still could not believe that Dracula can climb steep walls, maybe was it all but a dream ?
It is so strange to me… only a minute ago I was completely oblivious, and now, I remember vividly everything that happened to me last night. This place changes your perception of things. It is quite odd.

So in the library, I remembered I was amazed by the size of the book shelves. Everything was so huge and so… old… like it has not been touched in ages… centuries even.
I took a glossary about monsters, when I touched it, I do not know why, but I was instantly drawn to a page that talked about wolves and particularly to a side note : « Vampires are also considered shapeshifters in many ways, go check page 469 ». When I got to this page, some details intrigued me immensely: Vampires can do most extraordinary things like climbing steep walls, turning into wolves or shifting into mist but they cannot do normal and average things like seeing themselves in a mirror. And weirdly Count Dracula shares too many of these uncanny features ! I cannot believe it ! But it would explain a lot of things like why I never see him during the day and why he sleeps in a coffin-like bed.
That is when it all made sense to me…

I realized I was imprisoned by a Vampire !

My sick mind was racing and I was suddenly seeing things clearly… so I need to know how I can kill him.

I forced myself to browse the book : there seems to be so many ways to kill him, so I only chose two : the wooden stick trough his heart and decapitation. I remember I went into the great hall but the corridors seemed endless… and I felt numb and sleepy… How was that possible ? I suddenly fell asleep, and now here I was laying on a chair, almost incapable of moving…

After a while, I came back to my senses and regained my composure.

Almost immediately I took a knife from the kitchen, tried to shape a pointy wooden stick out of a chair leg and took both to go kill the Count. My mind was made up… although I honestly did not know how I could go through with it. The Count seems so ancient and yet so… powerful almost regal…

When I came above his coffin, I cautiously opened it and…

Kyllian, Fabio, Chloé B.

Something strange happened last night but I can’t remember what…

I just remember exploring the castle because I thought it was quite weird that the count did not eat and drink at all, and did not show up during the day. I was terrified at the idea of walking alone in this gloomy castle.

So I decided to leave.

My mind was made up.

I was adamant : I needed to save myself from this horrific nightmare.

I walked by several locked doors and passed by narrow corridors, before I found a door ajar. On the other side, there was a fabulous desk lit by a candle. The chandelier looked so ancient and yet so magnificent.
I approached, slowly, and was surprised to walk on a wet floor. I do remember now. I was barefoot. I can still feel the warmth of the tiles on my soles. Why was it so warm and velvety ?
I had to take a closer look. When I drew near the candle light, I soon realized I was staring down at a pool of blood. I was standing in a pool of warm blood. I did not have the time to fully comprehend this through, as suddenly I heard a noise coming from the dark side, in the shadows. A sound that scared me to death, as if a wild beast was devouring something. I then made a grab at the candles from the desk and saw blood prints all over.

From that moment on, I remember nothing else.

Nothing at all.

Time has been altered within the confines of that gloomy castle.

This morning I woke up dizzy, I saw bruises all over and my body. I was so sore, and felt like I had aged so much overnight. And yet, I could feel my heart racing like never before.

Nonetheless, I made the effort to get up and go to the dining hall. I saw the Count standing there. He asked me in a whisper : did you sleep well ? The whole room was dark and very few candle sticks were lit. I found that quite peculiar. I could not quite see his face but I could hear he was smiling, almost laughing quietly, in a sort of ominous demoniac fashion.

At the time I did not understand. Then I saw by the window that it was already night so I asked the Count : « pardon me, but it seems I slept longer than I usually do. How long did I sleep ? »
He answered with soft caracteristic voice, almost in a whisper : « Two days. You slept for two days… my friend ».

I was amazed and quite taken aback. How on earth was that possible ? What happened to me ? This place does things to your mind. I feel lost and in a daze still. I, then retire, mechanically, to my quarters. Why did the Count pause before he said « my friend » ? He sounded almost, welcoming…

When I looked at myself in the shaving mirror I saw along my body a trail of dry blood, from the neck down. I could not see any sign of struggle and the bruises I saw when I woke up moments before, were all gone. Suddenly my head hurt and I no longer controlled my body.

I was extremely hungry, famished even. I had to eat.


Tristan & Paul

Something strange happened last night but I can’t remember what.

First of all, this morning I was feeling bad without really knowing why. 

I don’t know what it was. This feeling seemed to alter Time. I was in a daze.

But something was bothering me. I decided to resume my morning rituals and and go on with my day, thinking this shall pass.

When I was getting ready, I saw Mina’s photograph on my bed side table and it is at this very moment that I remembered a dream I had that night, where I saw my fiancée with another man who was kissing her in the neck. 

At this moment I could not move, so I had to think back to the whole scene. It was unbearable.

Ever since, I have been forcing myself to relive it over and over again. It was cruel, mental torture, but I could not help it. I did not feel I was in control of my own mind. 

My recollections were still blurry and I could not quite make out who Mina was kissing. And I suddenly realized the young man who was kissing Mina had the exact same features as the Count but seemed… younger ! It was so confusing and I was feeling so betrayed I could not comprehend a thing. 

She is my darling, my sweet sweet Mina. I was trusting her. So why was she with him ? It is impossible ! Mina is in London. Who is this man ? Why does he look like the count ? The more I think about this, the more I feel I have really lived it, that I have been there at that moment and seen them, that I have seen the resemblance between this young man and the Count. 

Was it really a dream ? 

I am under the impression that it was more than that. 

Did it really happen ? 

I can no longer understand what I really saw and what was in the dream. I don’t even know if it was a dream anymore. Maybe it was a vision I had. 

I must be missing her too much, or maybe she is in danger ! I have to get home as soon as possible.

Maelle, Chloe G.

Something strange happened last night but I can’t remember what.

I need to remember. What did I do ?! It worries me. I really need to remember. After dinner, I remember I was getting bored so I decided to go to the great hall. I crossed corridors and corridors and corridors… everywhere ! Nothing else ! Where should I go ?
Before going down the stairs, I saw a weird door.

Now, I remember.
For the love of God, I remember !!!
My curiosity got the best of me and whispered to me : “come in”
So I did.

I felt both anxious and scared but I really wanted to go into that peculiar room. As soon as I opened the door, I remarked it was pitch dark. In the room, there were no windows, candlestick and candles. I ran as far as my bedroom to took candles and oil lamps.

As I was waiting for my eyes to get used to the light, I tried to distinguish what there was in the room.
When I could see correctly, I saw there was nothing in the room, nothing, there was nothing but a sort of dark shape… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!!! It was a coffin !!!

I was feeling confused so I decided to  go closer. Suddendly, I heard the door creak slowly. At this moment I was stressed, anxious and I had a bad headache. That is when, a hand touched me. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!!! I thought I was dreaming for a instant. I could feel the hand of Dracula on my shoulder. He begun to move is hand and said to me « Good morning…» And the door got slam shut instantly !!!!

And I remember nothing else…

Juliette, Marilou, Morgane